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My Me Made May Pledge and Progress

So my big sewing goal this year, as stated back in January, is to actually participate in Me Made May. I have wanted to since the induction of my sewing blog in 2012, but I never had enough me-made things I wanted to wear every day for an entire month. That makes me so sad! So this year I made a promise and plan to follow through and wear one handmade outfit, everyday, for the entire month of May 2015.

Here’s my official pledge:
I, Rochelle New of Lucky Lucille, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavor to wear at least one hand-sewn item (ideally making up the main portion of my outfit) each day for the duration of May 2015.


Originally my plan was to sew a bunch of brand spankin’ new garments to wear specifically for this challenge, and I have made quite a few new things actually (many I’ve yet to blog about because I want to save them for next month!), but I’m adding a little amendment to my challenge. Since I have a large plastic bin brimming with past handmade things, I want to dig through it and force myself to reevaluate WHY those garments ended up in the “I Don’t Really Like This” Box to begin with.

Is it fit? Is it style? Was it my lack of sewing knowledge/skill at the time? (Already I’ve found many embarrassing seams and a distinct lack of hook-n-eye closures on dresses – sheer laziness!) I want to dip into that box and wear some of those things again as part of this Me Made May challenge. I think it will help me better define what I actually like to wear and sew. If, at the end of the month, I truly don’t like those garments and can’t see myself wearing them again for whatever reason, I will donate them or cut them up for scraps. I tend to hold on to handmade things for sentimental reasons, but if I’m not wearing and loving those things, they’re not doing me any good!


As I tried on some of my old handmade garments again, I noticed some big trends: 1.) Right now, I don’t like sleeves. I’d rather just go sleeveless and wear a cardigan if I feel the need to cover up. 2.) The wide-leg pants I used to love have shrunk and are now obnoxiously too short, plus, I’d rather just throw on a dress and not find bottoms to match tops. 3.) I prefer to have a dress that zips up the back or buttons up the front, rather than pull something on over my head that’s a tight squeeze (i.e. most of my side-zip 1940s dresses!).


Also, my acid reflux has been much more under control lately and I’ve been feeling comfortable when wearing fitted things again. I’m predicting a summer of simple, vintage inspired Fit-and-Flare sun dresses! Admittedly, I miss sewing that style an awful lot.

I do have some major wardrobe holes that I should try to address before May, if I can. I’m in desperate need of a plain white T-shirt, a plain/neutral cardigan, and a skirt or two in a solid color (…I really like prints, if you couldn’t tell lolz). If I can’t sew a t-shirt or a cardigan before May, I will give myself permission to buy one, if it will allow me to wear more of my handmade separates.

Are you participating in Me Made May this year? I’d love to hear your personal goals!


p.s. It’s not too late to join us in Spring For Cotton if you need an excuse to do some vintage inspired sewing with a cotton fabric 😉

  • Yes! I think I’m going to do it, my wardrobe has changed SO much since moving here, but I’m going to dig stuff up and sew some more! xoxo

    I was VERY sentimental about what I’ve sewn… and now that I don’t have a lot of my things anymore, I’m not… I have the blog and photos to remember instead of wearing things that aren’t right for me now… Lots of my Handmade clothing didn’t wash well (I used vintage fabrics mostly) and my seams were not stable enough.

    My idea is to use MMM as a showcase of what I did bring with me… and then my new makes in everyday life… but I need a few more new makes first! xoxoxoxoxo

  • I love these photos and your goals for Me Made May! I don’t sew nearly enough to participate, but I love seeing how others do!

  • jannapyj

    Maybe I’ll participate in Me Made May on Instagram…I might even post a collage of cell phone pics on the blog along with my Sunday, “real” camera photos. Hmm, this is sounding not only fun, but do-able! :o)

    I have my face smashed against the screen over your clothes!!!! I cannot wait to see what you wear each day for MMM!!!

    PS: I bought a couple of tiny squares of fabric at a garage sale today that totally made me think of you…the cutest little vintage prints! :o)


  • I’ve wanted to participate in MMM for a couple of years now, but this’ll be the first year I’ll actually do so. I’d like to finish a pair of jeans before then, which’ll be the best way for me to really pull it off—my job is jeans-and-t-shirt dress code, so on days I don’t wear a handmade t-shirt I could at least do handmade jeans. And there’s a few fancy events on my calendar, so I’ll even have an opportunity for “cake” projects to wear a few times!

  • I forgot about Me Made May! This will be my first year to do it, too, and this weekend is when I unpack all my warm-weather clothing. It’s like Christmas in spring.

    Thanks so much for sharing your quest for wearable handmades. By the way, I love the petticoat look on the skirt of the coral dress — great idea.

  • Chantel

    You are super awesome and a great inspiration!

  • Stine Vasard

    I’m am participating… haven’t made my pledge yet… My first year… but I think it will be something about wearing homemade tops… somethnig I have been wanting to do for a long time… this could be my change

  • I love all your pretty things. 🙂 I also agree with Claire, the coral dress (skirt) jumped right out at me. May I ask, what pattern it is?

    • Thank you! That’s a dress I made recently from a pattern I designed myself. I haven’t blogged about it yet 🙂

  • Claire

    I’ve had the same feeling about dresses with sleeves – so I’m ripping the sleeves off some (carefully) that don’t get worn much. Hopefully it will help me wear them more often! Your lovely coral dress (skirt?) with light blue, gingham trim and a flounce is lovely! It looks twirly.

    • I bet it would be pretty easy to remove sleeves and then just bind the armholes with bias tape. That’s a good idea!

      The coral dress is a recent make – a self designed pattern that I haven’t blogged about yet. The skirt isn’t very full but the ruffled layer makes it look that way 🙂

  • You can do it Rochelle! I can’t wait to see all your lovely Me-made outfits!

  • I love Me Made May and think I finally have enough garments that I could wear one every day but I’d have to start exercising again to get rid of all this winter weight first! Fingers crossed I have more time in the next few weeks for yoga! 🙂

    • Best of luck with all your goals! Both sewing and yoga related 😉

  • Caroline Cook

    I love the Me Made May concept. I participated last year. The problem I’m running into is that since last year I’ve lost about 30 lbs, so nothing fits anymore. I need to crank out a few things so that I can participate this year.

    • Well that’s a great excuse to buy more fabric and sew more things, right? 🙂

  • Do you have the Renfrew pattern? Because you could make a white t-shirt with that pattern and then hack it to make a cardigan too!

    • Great idea!! I do have that pattern but I haven’t used it yet. I suppose now would be a good time 😉

  • T-shirts are seriously SO EASY! My first one ever was sewn on my sewing machine (not a serger) and really wasn’t as scary as I’d feared! If you need any help picking a style or figuring things out, just gimme a hollar! 🙂
    (Oh, and I think your plan to wear or purge is a great idea! I’ve got lots of quilting cotton dresses I just can’t get rid of… )

    • I made a knit shirt last month all on my serger and it was awesome! So quick! It had batwing sleeves though so it was pretty easy. I guess I should finally put my Renfrew pattern to good use. That’s one you really like, right?

      • Look at you and the knits! Yay! 🙂 Renfrew is great if you like a classic fit!