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Spring For Cotton – Final Projects

The Spring For Cotton final project video is here! Thanks for being patient as I put it together. Usually I have help, but this year I decided to make the video all on my own and I’m pretty proud of the way it turned out. Of course it helped that I had a bunch of really awesome sewing projects to include in it. 😉


This officially marks the end of another really fantastic sewing challenge (the project deadline was April, 30th). A huge thanks to all you vintage loving, cotton fabric lovers out there who participated and made something. All of the projects are amazing and you should be very proud! 🙂


p.s. some of the slides with animations seem like they shuffle through faster than the others. I tried to adjust everything so it was equal, but as I said, this was my first time making a movie by myself so I still have some things to learn 🙂

I hope you love it!

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I loved sewing along with all of you! Thanks again, and thank you for all of your sweet, thoughtful comments on my Spring For Cotton project! Day = Made <3


  • Wow looks like a ton of amazing makes!

  • Thanks so much for hosting this sewalong! It was great to participate and now to see everyone’s projects. Thanks for the video! XX

  • Massive hat doffing to everyone who took part in this awesome sewing challenge. I find myself wishing that these images were part of a look book and that I could shop them! 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

  • Well, I finally had time to relax and enjoy your video Rochelle! Congrats on a job well done.. it’s a really professional finished product! It was fun participating in Spring For Cotton…reminded me how much I love cotton fabric, and how I like to draw inspiration from vintage fashion!

  • Great job on the slideshow! And it was nice to see such a range in outfits and styles. I feel like these outfits would make a cool Haynes cotton commercial haha 🙂

  • jannapyj

    The video was!!! What beautiful creations everybody sewed up! :o)


  • Wow, these all look so great. I finished my dress too late (I have yet to finish a sew-along/challenge on time)!

  • Thank you so much for featuring me in this video!

  • That must have been a big job to put together! Loved the music Rochelle ;o)

  • Rachel Proffitt

    You did an excellent job with the video- I especially loved the photo splicing with patterns and finished dresses! Nicely done- and congratulations to all the other participants 🙂

  • Congratulations all the participants!

  • Wow!! What a fabulous bunch of creative GORGEOUS ladies!! Makes me proud to be a part of this 🙂 Well done everyone!

  • Debra Ward

    I’ve loved seeing everyone’s sewing projects over the past month,thanks for putting this all together. Great job on the movie by the way!!!

  • Piper

    Love to everyone of you vintage sewing, vintage wearing ladies. You are my inspiration. Thank you so much Rochelle, for bringing us together in such a beautiful, artistic format.

  • Stephanie Thorpe

    Wow, everyone’s projects look so lovely! So sad I didn’t get to participate this year.