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Lakeside Pajamas made with Sprout Patterns

I’m super excited to share my latest collaborative sewing project: A pair of Grainline Studio Lakeside Pajamas made with Sprout Patterns and Spoonflower. It’s a rare treat to be able to combine so many of my favorite companies into one project, so when Sprout contacted me with this opportunity I couldn’t write them back quickly enough to say YES PLEASE! Sprout is a new company, from the awesome people at Spoonflower, who work with indie sewing pattern companies to bring you cut-and-sew patterns on demand. You can skip the pattern pinning and tracing and just cut your particular size right off the fabric. It’s such a unique service!


I was immediately drawn to the fact that you can choose any fabric design from Spoonflower’s vast library of designs, meaning I could use my own fabric designs from my new Spoonflower shop for my Lakeside Pajamas to make a totally customized set. Now, before I gush about all the things I LOVE about Sprout, let me bring up one point to consider. Imagine how the clothes for a paper doll are laid out on a piece of paper, and that’s kind of what you’re getting with Sprout. The precision in a service like this is what makes it so incredible! …but also tricky if you need special fitting adjustments.


You can only pick one size to print, which is problematic if you fall between two sizes. With the Lakeside Pajamas you can order the top and bottom separately, which definitely gives you more options, but if you need serious pattern adjustments (like moving a dart) you should consider that before ordering. With my body shape, I know I need all kinds of shoulder and upper back adjustments when working with fitted patterns, so I knew right away I was either going to pick a stretchy, more forgiving knit pattern, or a woven pattern meant to fit loosely around all my “problematic” areas.

Luckily, Sprout has a ton of options for both knits, wovens, and even non-garment projects like the Grainline Studio Portside Travel Set.


After I decided which pattern would set me up for the most successful fit, I picked my fabric base (Kona Cotton) and then started playing around with the countless ways to mix prints. Now, this is where Sprout gets really cool. Not only can you select multiple fabric designs, but you can pick where you want each of those prints to go and adjust the layout to ensure your prints are centered or laid out exactly as you like. Sprout even goes as far as to calculate the percent of shrinkage for each of their fabrics, so when you pre-wash your order, you’re still ending up with the correct size before you sew. Genius!


When you order your pattern from Sprout, a copy of the sewing instructions and the original PDF sewing pattern are sent to your user account so you can put your project together just as you would if you were using any ol’ fabric. Having a copy of the PDF pattern is helpful when tracing your darts, plus it’s just a nice bonus included in the cost, especially since I would like to make another pair of Lakeside PJs!


Sewing the Lakeside Pajamas was really fun and actually pretty quick considering all the bias tape. I LOVE bias tape, so that was actually a selling point for me when browsing all the patterns in the Sprout library, and I especially love bias tape when it’s vintage and pink.


For not being able to make any fitting adjustments, I’m very happy with how my Lakeside PJs came out! I really can’t find anything to even nitpick about them except I think I made my straps just a tad too long. But again, I think this is a pretty safe pattern to use for someone who needs upper back and shoulder adjustments like I do. I’m really happy I picked this one!


I used five Spoonflower prints in total for my Sprout/Lakeside PJs, all of which can be found in my Spoonflower shop. I like how all of the prints are different but still go well together since the colors match. Mint green is one of my favorite colors, and these are definitely my new favorite pajamas!


I didn’t have the correct width elastic in my stash, but I fixed that by sewing a narrower casing in the waistband in order to create a little ruffle at the top, which I like and have done previously with my Carolyn PJ shorts. I also went against the instructions slightly and finished the waistband seam allowance with bias tape instead of tucking it up into the waistband and stitching it down. The little pop of color on the inside makes me happy.




Oh, I should also note that I didn’t notice any fading when pre-washing my fabric. Spoonflower fabrics are printed digitally instead of with traditional screen printing methods, so some people notice fading with rigorous washings. I cut a little swatch out of the corner of my Sprout panel before putting it in the washer so I could tell if there was any fading, and with the first wash I definitely didn’t notice any compromise in vibrancy. I used a sulfate free detergent, washed on a gentle cycle with non-abrasive things (no towels), and tumble dried on low just like Spoonflower recommends.



I have to say, it was really nice to just iron my fabric and cut out my pieces without extra steps. No tracing out my size, no pinning flimsy tissue paper or cutting around pattern weights – so easy! My next sewing project is definitely going to take some extra prep steps, so thank you Sprout Patterns for the opportunity to sew such a fun pattern in such a fuss-free way!

p.s. If you love my Lakeside PJs and want to make a pair for yourself, you can check out my project (and a slew of other incredible projects) in the Sprout project library 🙂


  • Genesis

    I loved this post! Your creations are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story and patterns. I liked colors and the design is very original.

  • Mary Daniels

    This color is really great! I love this! The pajamas look absolutely cute as well 🙂

  • How fun!!!

  • These look great! I love the colours!

  • What a brilliant idea! This set is immensely charming and looks so sweet on you, dear gal (love the pink vintage bias tape, I should add). How fantastic that you were able to combine so many of your loves together here.

    ♥ Jessica

  • These look really lovely – it’s really cool that you can choose a different fabric for each pattern piece if you want to! I love how the fabrics all go together but there’s the added interest of them all being slightly different.

    • Thank you! I agree, totally cool how you can control the print placement for each piece, and combine so many prints! I love a good mixed print 🙂

  • I am impressed the Kona did not crock for you. Spoonflower has really improved their printing process over the last year. Cute jams.

  • OH MY GOD so cute!

  • Jennifer Hill

    Oh. My. Gooodness. How fab is this!! What luxury. Minimal faffing! I could see me using this for easy to fit patterns, IF Customs into the UK wasn’t so flaming expensive, and impossible to gauge in advance. Will definitely have a good ogle, though!! Love your PJs! Jen

    • It definitely feels like a luxury!! Spoonflower is working to open a new headquarters in Germany (with in the next year I think?) which probably means much cheaper shipping for you in the future! Definitely worth having an oogle until then 😉

      • Jennifer Hill

        Spoonflower opening in Germany is fantastic! No customs within the EU – wahoo! ; ) x

  • ooobop

    I’m not sure I’d use that service as I need to have control over fit but perfect for your lovely pjs and I especially like how you can control placement! Diggin’ your designs on Spoonflower too! x

    • Thank you! I agree, if you need a lot of adjustments beyond taking in a seam, it really narrows down the types of projects that will yield great fitting results. I’ve had great luck with Grainline Studio patterns though as far as not needing to adjust things! 🙂

  • Carolyn

    Your PJs came out beautifully (love that bias tape!), but I don’t see myself using this service. The inability to make alterations is a deal breaker for me. I don’t think I’ve ever sewn a pattern with no alterations!

    • Sprout Patterns

      Carolyn, there are definitely ways to alter Sprout patterns – especially since you get the entire original PDF with all sizes. A FBA is harder, but tweaks here and there are definitely doable!

    • Thank you so much! While some basic alterations are totally do-able (like taking in a seam), I’ll agree it’s not a perfect solution for those of us with serious “issues” lol. That’s why I picked a forgiving pattern like the Lakeside PJs. Colette’s Myrtle dress is on my list, too! 🙂

  • Jeannie Holcomb

    Wow! You are a fantastic seamstress! Love your new shop and your new jammies!

  • Sprout Patterns

    You look beautiful – you did a fantastic job with these pajamas! Now we’re on a quest to find a good canine pj pattern and can’t wait for Lucille to model!

    • Aww shucks, thank you! And OMG, matching PJs for Lucille would probably make me die of cute overload!!!

  • Spoonflower

    Those look AMAZING, Rochelle! Thanks for sharing this experience, and here’s to many more!

    • Thank YOU for creating such an incredible company full of incredible, magical things! <3

  • Those are adorable PJs! Not sure I’m totally sold on the service, though, due to many of the reasons you describe above.

    • Thanks, Carmen! While there are lots of fitting related things to consider, I do honestly think there are several patterns that would work well for everyone. I’ve had excellent luck with the Grainline Studio Archer as-is, and I think Colette’s Myrtle dress would be a great, forgiving fit as well. I’m happy they’re continuing to add more patterns to their library, too 🙂

  • Dawn – Honeybee Cloths

    Love those pyjamas – love the pattern, especially top back detail, and binding, the mint colour is gorgeous and your fabric is perfect ? ? Really impressed by the different options Sprout offers ?

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  • What a fun project to show off your own prints!!!!

  • Cutest pajamas EVER!!!!!! Oh my gosh, this print and pattern combo is perfection and I can tell by the look on Lucille’s face that she agrees with me!

    • Thanks, BFF! Lucille likes when I wear anything that’s good for sleeping since sleeping is pretty much her favorite thing 😉