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WIP it good

I prepped/started several projects last month that I’m really looking forward to finishing in February. I go back and forth between wanting to start (and finish!) just one thing at a time, and multitasking many things to avoid any one project feeling stale. Right now I’m in a START ALL THE THINGS! kind of mood. I currently have two sewing projects, two knitting projects, and a few blocking printing/design projects in the works.


The first pattern I’d like to sew on my #2016MakeNine list is Fen by Fancy Tiger crafts. I have my size traced out, I’m just slacking on picking a fabric to use for my first version. I was tempted to make some preemptive fitting changes to the neck and shoulders, skip any kind of muslin, and just dive into a “perfect” wearable dress, but if that dress doesn’t fit well, I won’t know which changes are the ones that led me astray. That’s why it’s a good rule to sew a pattern as-is and make just one fitting change at a time from there, if needed. I’m shooting for a true wearable muslin to wear around for a bit to see how I like the style and shape of Fen. Then, if I love it like I think I will, I’ll really work on “perfecting” the fit and using some prized fabrics.


I’m also working on updating my public fabric portfolio on Spoonflower. I carved and block-printed this little owl back in October, and I really liked it, but felt like it needed to be reworked before I used it for anything. Turns out it just needed some color for me to totally fall in love with it! I’m slightly obsessed with the salmon pink and olive green color combination right now (is it Spring yet?!), so naturally I picked that for the owls first. I’ll be adding a slew of new and re-worked prints to my shop next week (if my swatches arrive on time), but until then, here’s a preview of all the soon-to-be for sale stuff.


Also on my Make Nine list is a more advanced hat pattern called Bough. I’ve never done charted knitting, and even though I understand the principle of it, I figured I should do the smart thing and ease into that kind of pattern. I found another hat pattern called Rosebud and it’s been a perfect introduction to charted knitting for me! It has just one chunk of the fancier pattern in the front so it’s really manageable and not overwhelming. Now I feel way more prepared to tackle Bough when I get to it. Not pictured is my second WIP knitting project, a grey version of this cowl I made years ago.


I think I may end up sewing this pattern before I get to Fen because I know it will be super quick and easy, and I really could use some new lounge-y pants like, yesterday. I’ve been eyeing the Hudson Pants since the pattern originally came out, but this Simplicity pattern has been in my stash forever and I’m trying to budget some things in the craft department. So, Version B in some Art Gallery jersey it is then!

We’ll see how quickly I can get through these projects as I juggle some other behind-the-scenes things. I’ll be sure to report back 😉

What are you working on this month?


  • Amanda Andrews

    I love the colour of that Art Gallery Jersey! I am starting off this month by finishing off my Seamwork Adelaide dress and then making a couple of Named Asaka Kimono’s for my work colleagues as presents.
    And maybe a cheeky one for myself!

  • I really love that yarn, the colour is amazing – and those owls are too cute!

  • jannapyj

    Oh those owls!!!
    I have a Dottie Angel Frock planned (but managed to leave my fabric at my sister’s house!), a couple fabrics picked out to sew up in my TNT woven tee pattern, and a ton of refashions piled up, and I want to try knitting socks on a circular loom (I bookmarked a promising youtube video), oh and I’d like to make myself a gnome hat before Winter is over (I have the pattern from making one for my BIL two Christmases ago).

  • Victoria Anderson

    I’m participating in the Historic Sew Monthly hosted by The Dreamstress. This month’s challenge is tucks or pleats so I am making an 1850’s tucked petticoat based off an original I found on the Met’s website… Once my fabric gets here! You look like you have some fun projects planned!

  • Stephanie Holladay

    Im working on a hand sewn cathedral windows quilt with my Mom. Then were going on a cruise-so Ill work on my tan and eating everything in sight!!!

  • Get the Hudson pants pattern. You won’t be disappointed. I’ve made 6 pairs for me and 3 mini pairs for my daughter.

    • Wow, 6 pairs?! That’s amazing! I could certainly use six pairs, that’s for sure!

      • It’s such a great pattern. Worth ever penny. And so comfortable to wear.

  • I finally am brave enough to tackle pants; my wardrobe is in desperate need of them! I’ on my 2nd pair now. And socks – ALWAYS socks. They’re addictive!

    • Hooray for sewing pants! Once you start sewing them, you realize they’re not that scary 🙂 …speaking of bravery, I need some of that before I attempt knitting socks 😉

      • Barbara

        Come down to SC! I’m teaching a couple sock classes in March & April. Toe Up with the Magic Loop! Surprisingly easy once you understand the concept. Socks – my “grab & go” project always at hand for those times you need to wait..

      • Socks are easy – if you can knit and purl, you can make socks. If you go it alone, find a pattern you live that has a lot of projects, and just blindly follow. Heels are confusing the first time, but turning is magical!

        Come on in – handknit socks are fabulous!

  • Sue

    I made bough over and over again for Christmas gifts this year. Once you get the rhythm of following the symbols of the chart, it becomes pretty easy.

    • I’m happy to hear it was worth knitting over and over! It’s a beautiful pattern and I can’t wait to make it 🙂