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Sloan Leggings with BOLT Fabric

One of the projects on my 2017 Make Nine list is leggings, in fact I vowed this year would be the year of finding the most perfect-for-me pair of leggings ever. Well there’s no better motivator to start on that quest than teaming up a fabric company known for knits and testing what they have to offer. Girl Charlee Fabrics very kindly sent me some of their brand new 100% USA made knit fabric, as well as the Sloan Leggings by Hey June patterns. Here are my thoughts after working with both…

Oh, and p.s., this is a Lucille-heavy post if you’ve been missing her face lately 😉

First let’s talk about the fabric. BOLT by Girl Charlee is a new collection of wholesale knit fabrics that are 100% made in the USA from a preshrunk 95/5 combed cotton/spandex blend. It has a very soft feel with a good amount of stretch on both grains and is surprisingly warm for being a lighter weight knit.

I chose a really fun print from their Pure Vintage collection that features some of my very favorite colors in cute little Pennsylvania Dutch motifs. The artwork feels smooth on the surface of the fabric, not painted on like some other novelty print knits. It’s a multi-directional design, though you can’t tell because my pattern placement is really poor and all of my houses are upside down on the front – whoops!

This fabric is definitely better suited for comfy loungewear and sleepwear patterns, not for performance wear patterns, but it ended up being a great match for my Sloan leggings because they came out a little on the baggy side. I’ve read so many great reviews about Hey June patterns and I’ve seen a ton of Sloan leggings that fit really well on others but they weren’t the best cut for me unfortunately.

The waistband fits well but they’re drafted for a much more athletic build through the hips and thighs and I just don’t fill them out properly. I like them better as jammies anyways so I’m not that upset about it! I did attempt several pattern alterations, after this completed pair, to try and get a better fit but in the end I decided to keep the pattern on the cozy side and try a different pattern in case the mood ever strikes where I want to wear leggings as actual pants.

I cut the smallest size in the longest length and they’re definitely long! I’m not overly tall (5′ 7″) but all my RTW leggings are a tad more cropped than I’d like them to be. I figured cutting the longer length with Sloan might make them just right but they’re really scrunchy at the bottom, especially after I added a cuff to each hem. Since wearing them I’ve decided I really like the scrunchy look so I may cut my next pair of leggings the same way.

All in all I’m really happy with the way these leggings turned out! They’re super cozy and they’ve already gotten a lot of wear since I finished them last month. They’re perfect for lounging around with Lucille, plus they’re light in color so that’s an added bonus when you have a white-haired dog who likes to be in your lap more than anything else in this world 😉

Oh, did I mention there was a giveaway at the end of this post? Well there’s a giveaway! If you’d like a chance to win a $30 credit to then keep reading for more details…


Girl Charlee Giveaway!

If you’d like a chance to win a $30 credit to then leave one comment below (using your first name and a valid email address) and tell me what sewing project you’d like to make with knits this year!

Comments will close Saturday (1/14/2016) at midnight EST, and I’ll announce one lucky winner in my blog post on Sunday!

Good luck 🙂


Law Jargon: I received the fabric and the PDF pattern from Girl Charlee in exchange for an honest review. I received no monetary compensation. All views are my own. Etc etc.

  • hepkitty84

    I want to get into making my own dance leotards and leggings.

  • Mary M

    I’ve had the moneta pattern in my stash since it came out! I really need to get on that but it’s so hard to find good jersey where I live and everything I’ve ordered online has been a bit too thin or too hot.

  • I’m all about the t-shirts this year 🙂 I’m always trying for new ways to switch up the t-shirt so I have a bunch that don’t look the same. I’d love to try Girl Charlee fabric for some!

  • They look great! I love my self-made (self-drafted) leggings, I wear them as pajama pants so they don’t ride up my legs as I sleep. I want to make some comfy-nice knit dresses this year to wear to work on lazy days when I don’t feel like picking an outfit. I made one last year that works perfectly and I think another few would be great additions!

  • Astrid

    I have a big lists of sewing aims for this year (once the PhD is finally submitted next month!) but top of the list is tackling some lovely everyday longsleeve tops (I’m thinking TATB Agnes) and hopefully graduating to leggings by the end of the year 🙂

  • Marina Rosenfield

    I’ve been obsessed with knits lately because I have a little bundle of joys on the way and comfy knits are 1) life-savers when it comes to maternity wear and 2) a must for baby clothes—especially in colorful cute prints like the ones on your leggings! I think I am all set on maternity dresses now and am excited to transition to making adorable baby stuff!

  • Helga Hamlin

    I would love to make a knit dress in 2017, done a few knit projects in 2016 (1940’s robe and some pj’s for granddaughter) but always need more practice.

  • Amy

    I’d like to make some patterned T-shirts this year. Most of my me-made Ts are solids, and those are great to have, but I like something with a little pattern when I’m layering with cardigans. I;d also like to do more long sleeve tops, because I’m always looking for those to wear when I’m getting dressed and I’m often disappointed in my selection.

  • Shawna Henderson

    This year I would love to make some more infinity scarfs, cardigans, tank tops, and scrundies with my left over fabric pieces.

  • Tisha

    I’ve never been brave enough to sew with knits, but it’s on the “to try” list for the year. I’m planning to start with a tee. Probably a lark. 🙂

  • giulia

    this year I want to find the perfect for me leggins too! so far I used knits to make almosto everything..

  • Theresa

    I’m a fan of knit t-shirts and Girl Charlee would make them fabulous!

  • Karen

    These look great! I should make some leggings, but realistically, we’re looking at a knit dress. 🙂

  • Allison

    I also want to master leggings this year! I tried out a (free) pattern last year and it just didn’t work for me at all. I then bought the gazelle leggings from the wolf and tree (I’ve already bought and loved their sock pattern) but have yet to print it out and give it a try.

  • Shannon Phillips

    I have so many leggings now, I would love to make some more clothes for my husband of kids! I love you fabric choice!

  • Cristin

    Lovely leggings! I’m a huge fan of making Raglans with knit (including GC!) but I have yet to make myself a pair of leggings…. so thats on my list for sure. I like the look of these Sloans… may have to give them a go!

  • Laura

    I’m about to cut out a meridian cardigan from imagine gnats out of sweatshirt fleece 🙂

  • Susan Gail Seal

    My 6 year old granddaughter loves the Bolt prints as much as I do. She just picked out the fabric for capri leggings and a circle skirt dress pattern that she loves to twirl in!

  • Victoria Anderson

    I want to make some knit dresses this year. I have a couple Colette and Seamworks patters I want to try out. vnicanndrais at gmail. com

  • I would like to do some cute summer dresses this year for my girls.
    My email is

  • Kjozsa

    I’d really like to make some long sleeve henleys. This is my year to make things I actually wear! I’m loving that print! I’ve been looking for some fun knit fabrics that aren’t the typical target “oh hey we bought the same shirt” patterns. Oh & adore Lucille wrapped in her blankie ❤

  • Gioia

    I’m planning to sew a lot of knit dresses for my daughter to be worn at primary school!

  • Laura

    I am planning to make the Groove Dress by madeit patterns!

  • Stephanie Woods

    I’m looking for that perfect t shirt that can go with jeans or a skirt and not look out of place!

  • Juliana

    I find that t-shirts are so wearable and nice. I would love to make a few. I’ve very little experience, but shirts are definitely something I want to make this year.

  • Porcelina

    Smashing job on those leggings.
    I’m just beginning with knits, but really want to make some more basic retro style tops for everyday wear.

  • Karin

    T-shirts, lots and lots of them…

  • I want to make all the t-shirts!!

  • I need some basics, t-shirts and tunics!
    K j decelles at gmail dot com

  • Staci C

    I’d love to make myself some jeggings!

  • Pauline Ann Perry

    I would like to make some lovely summer clothes for my granddaughters who love knit fabric – so do I!
    perry94022 at hotmail dot come

  • pickled pandas

    I would love to make some comfy stylish dresses, long tunics for pairing with leggings, more clothes for my 5 boys including lots of harem pants, slouch beanies, and variations of raglan tees.

  • christina limpert

    I’d like to make a few t shirts (a Lark and a Rumi ) and give self drafted
    leggings a go The new Girl Charlee knits are fantastic! Cheers to Lucille’s speedy recovery.

  • Lori

    I mostly sew with knits and I now have these leggings on my sewing list!

  • Amanda

    Shirts for my daughter

  • Casey Ferris

    I am determined to get the perfect fit on leggings this year! I’m in love with LLR and I want to make my own, so that is my goal! Theirs are too spendy for the terrible pattern placement and hole galore!

  • Julia McLean

    I would like to make a few maxi dresses for spring, I love Bolt material!

  • Diana Z

    I am loving sewing with knits this year. I would love to sew more leggings and some tops.

  • Emily Roemer

    So far this year I have made 2 knit dresses for my daughter and her cousin, and a tunic, leggings and yoga pants for my daughter. I would like to make a raglan shirt, work out shirt and leggings or yoga pants for me soon.

  • Lauren

    I love these!! This year I’m going to try to make some little girl pencil skirts. I’ve made a couple in the past, but they (suprisingly) didn’t turn out (how can you mess up a pencil skirt?!) anyway, I’m hoping to conquer them this year!!

  • Bekah D

    I really want to replace my RTW pieces, so I’m not aiming for anything fancy, just newer, better quality, handmade cozy tops. I want to be able to declutter my closet by exchanging old & ratty for new & fun.

  • Leia

    I just got the Virginia Leggings pattern for the SEWMYSTYLE challenge. I can’t wait to try something new!!

  • Kalli

    How fun! I would love to make leggings and tunics for my daughter. Store bought clothes just don’t fit her little body quite right.

  • Michelle

    I definitely want to make leggings too!

  • Kari Lanini

    So many dresses for my toddler! And teeny tiny training pants! We’re starting potty training soon, so we’ll need them! Would love love love to win some fabric for this endevour!

  • Piper Springs

    More Lark Tees, I think!

  • Donna Lewis

    Cute fabric! I find it difficult to find really good looking knits for leggings, either bland or really horrible prints. Very nice!

  • Michelle

    I will be making the Concord T-shirt with knits this year. It is the year of fit for me, I will be making toiles to try and get the perfect fit. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Steely Seamstress

    What a fantastic pair of leggings, I think the scrunchy-at-the-bottom-look is fab! Thanks for the giveaway. I made two great makes with knits last year that never seem to be out of rotation – a cardigan and a turtle neck tee. I’ll like to make those again, but I’m loving the idea of some leggings too.

  • OMG! Lucille and you cuddling pics are the cutest everrrrrrr! And you did good with that fabric, thumbs up!

  • Alexa Shelton

    I’d like to try making some performance wear leggings, but I also love the Lane Raglan and would like to make a few more of those.

  • RBosworth

    On my want to learn to do list!

  • Rhonda Daily

    I recently started wearing leggings and am interested in sewing some for myself!
    Rhonda –

  • isaida v

    I would make leggings/lounge pants. I LIVE in them 🙂
    isaida –

  • Red

    I love my Thia Tee pattern by LaFred. I need more of them, so I’d love to get the girlcharlee knit fabric!

  • Laura

    I’d like to make some knit dresses, so that I actually might wear something I make for a change 🙂 I live in a cold environment and am still in the habit of only making summer dresses. Lol. I’d like to make Coco by Tilly and the Buttons 🙂

  • Christine Griffin

    Those are super cute! I think we’ve all been there on the upside-down-side 🙂
    I want to make some cardigans, I think I’ll use grainline’s version!
    chrisagriff2 at gmail

  • Lisa G

    I love those pants/leggings! I want to make myself some comfortable lounge/sleep pants this year. I was in a store with my husband last month, feeling the (uber expensive) PJs and bemoaning the fact that I can’t find such soft fabric. Sounds like you found the perfect one! I also love that the fabric is made in the USA!!
    I am 5’9″ and most leggings (and PJs) are just too short for me! I usually buy men’s PJ pants if I have to buy some, as they will be longer than women’s. I also recently bought some leggings from, and they pool at the ankles, and I LOVE it!!
    Finally, your pup is the cutest. I have a white German Shepherd, so totally get the white fur thing! Glad I found a new blog to follow!

  • Fraggle

    For me, this is the year of the knit. I normally wear knits, but I am afraid to sew them. Took my first foray into knits in November and now I have the bug…To make something you just wear and wear is amazing. Next up hopefully is a Lindy petal skirt, then a smart T shirt or two, and then a swimming costume!
    Love the leggings, and Lucille, obviously!

  • Kwirky Kiwi

    I definitely need more long sleeved t-shirts as I wear them all the time in the winter and RTW ones are just so boring! Those are very funky leggings – love them! 🙂

  • Dubliner

    Would like to make a plaintain tshirt. Cevriye

  • Kate

    I have the Hudson pants on my Make Nine list, and I even have the pattern already. Just have to find the perfect knit!

  • jen lat

    I’d really like to make some basics: good fitting tshirts and lounge pants, similar to palazzo pants. Love the print you chose for your leggings!

  • Deb

    You are so cute in those leggings! I love the idea of making them more pajama-y; with all the snow here in PDX I’ve been in nesting mode most of the winter and could live in those leggings.

    I have a closet full of solid-color, stained, ratty, past-their- prime t-shirts that I wear to death. This year I’ve promised myself I’m going to make some pretty new t-shirts, in good quality fabric and PRINTS. Well, at least a stripe or two.

  • I’ve been wanting to make some really loud sweatpants! Like floral comfies for dance class.

  • Becky Petty

    I just made my first mama ava from made for mermaids (it is love) so I’m ready to cut into my hoarded favorite fabrics 🙂

    I love your leggings, they’re the perfect item for dog cuddling winter days 🙂

    Happy sewing!

  • Jessie

    I think your leggings are adorable… even if the houses are topsy turvey. I love an A-line maxi skirt in a comfy mid weight knit and need about 100 more in cute prints hanging in my closet

  • Kathy

    I would like to sew some sweatshirts this winter.

  • Brianna Larkin

    I really want to make some well fitted skater dresses.

  • Carla Lissa

    Leggins too

  • Megan Wiebe

    I just started sewing , but I’m hoping to work up to making the Lark tee!

  • Blue Crab

    I’m going to sew a lark tee this year. Hopefully more than one. Blue.crab.quilting(at)

  • Alex

    I want to start sewing lounge wear this year.

  • Nikki

    I have so many patterns for knits lined up! Right now, I’m making up 2 Neptune tees by See Kate Sew, but I’ve already finished a hemlock and a simplicity 1104 legging pattern! I also have a knit wrap dress and moto joggers, and a knit moto jacked just on my winter/fall list of things to make!

  • That fabric is cute and you look adorable 🙂

    I’m not a fan of Hey June patterns as they don’t fit me well but I hear that Cake Patterns and Named both have great leggings patterns. Ask Gillian – she’s the Leggings Queen!

  • Vyx

    I’ve been really hoping to sew comfy everyday wear this year. T shirts, leggings, and knit dresses for example.

  • Ari

    I’ve been meaning to finish up those 2 bodysuits

  • Kelly

    Kelly and I would like to try the lady skater dress.

  • I’d love to sew more t-shirts. I made a ton several years ago (mostly from Girl Charlee fabrics, which I love!), and some of them are getting ratty from so much wear. So I’d like to make more!

  • Ruth

    I would make some matching leggings for my little girls (and maybe a pair for me) 🙂

  • Annie

    Great leggings! I bought some knit fabric in 2014 to make a cropped type legging. Your project inspires me to get moving!

  • Becca G

    I love this fabric! I remember something similar when I was (quite) a bit younger. Your houses are only upside-down to others, when you look at them they are right side up. Sort of like life! I’ve only made a PR of pj’ bottoms out of knit fabric so far, so I’d really like to make a couple of crossover tops. Baa

  • Marion Collins

    I wan to make a skirt. Love the fabric. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I love the design on this fabric!! I want to make ALL of the knit cardigans I can! Or PJs. I’m all about some pjs!

  • These look great as PJ/lounging trousers, what lovely fabric!! I’m also planning to make some leggings this year as I attempted the Megan Nielsen Virginia leggings last year but didn’t use a fabric with enough stretch so they didn’t fit. I’m also planning a few plantains and hemlocks!

  • What a great way to use that print! I would never have thought to make leggings out of a print — I’m more of a solids on the bottom girl. I would love to win the GirlCharlee and make a whole bunch of Toaster sweaters!

  • Kat

    What an unusual and awesome print! Those colors are perfect, too. At 6′ tall, I know the cropped legging feel – so you’ve definitely inspired me to make some long, kinda slouchy leggings this year as well!

  • Elena DeLoof

    Honestly, I want to make everything to wear in knit fabric; however, the perfect tee shirt is at the top of my list.

  • Hannah

    I want a whole closet full of Moneta dresses!

  • sandi

    P.S. I love Lucille, the more pics of her, the better !!

  • sandi

    I love your leggings. I’m gonna go make some right now. I just went back and checked and your houses ARE upside down. Ha, So cute ! Hope I win. Thanks, Sandi