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Thank You

Sometimes a simple thank you is all you can find to say when you’re so overwhelmed with kindness. Seriously, the amount of thoughtful comments pouring in on my last blog post about my skin have touched me on such a level that I don’t even know how to respond… Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you! There is no greater feeling on earth than putting yourself out there, raw, as you are, and having someone embrace it with such genuine love and acceptance. *sigh* Sorry to get all sappy but my heart is so full! I appreciate you all SO MUCH. If only there were more words out there to use…

Thank You <3

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  • Jennifer Hill

    Hi Rochelle, I don’t think your previous post came into my inbox, so I’ve just read it now. You’re brave to share something so personal with us, so yes indeed, I agree with your other commenters, thank you. I’ve commented before on your blog when you mentioned your skin that you are always beautiful, and you are. I totally understand that you must be painful and sore often, physically and emotionally, and it must be both time consuming and a nuisance, but you are beautiful. I mean, why should anyone get to dictate what beauty looks like? Beauty is found in real faces, real bodies, real hair, real skin. Ask any artist. The catwalk version is but a tiny proportion of an infinite whole. Thank you again, and keep your chin up, chook 😉