My blog originally started as a creative escape place to whine about the biology and anatomy text books of Vet Tech school, but it’s grown to become much more than that. Lucky Lucille is getting in touch with my roots. It’s embracing the hobbies of my mother and her mother before her. You see, I’m a maker who stems from a long line of makers. I suppose you could say I’m a fabric wizard and a wielder of needles (if I’m trying to make myself sound cool), but mostly I’m just a nerdy girl with a passion for quilt industry cottons, my grandparent’s ephemera, and having conversations with my pets. I make both magic and messes in the backwoods of New York.


Lucky Lucille is a documentation of my handmade creations, crafty learning experiences, and ever evolving style (’cause seriously, I can’t even keep up with my constantly changing hair). Named after my beloved furry friend and a WWII bomber plane, Lucky Lucille is an inspirational sewing resource known for candid writing and narrative photography. …usually featuring a lot of literal fat cats.

Aside from sharing my personal sewing projects, I also host group sewing challenges, offer free fashion downloads, and share various tutorials – usually with a vintage influence or twist! Though Veterinary Technology didn’t pan out as my career, you’ll still find me surrounded by animals in the rural New York town where I call home, continuing on the creative odyssey of a crafty lady who changes her mind more often than her hair. …and I change that an awful lot.




Some more things about me: I’m a self proclaimed super nerd who wears glasses, bowls on a league, and has watched the Lord Of The Rings trilogy more than any other movies. When I’m not sewing I really enjoy WWII reenactments, knitting, snowboarding, reading epic fantasy novels, and finding new period piece TV shows to fall in love with (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, anyone?). I have four rescued cats (Lucille is a rescue, too!), I was born with a rare skin disorder, I wear wigs for fun, I’m ambidextrous, I can do the moon walk, and I don’t know how to whistle. …my mom tells me I’m pretty special.