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quick tips for assembling pdf patterns

For Archer Appreciation Month, I decided to share a few tips that make it easier to put together print-at-home PDF sewing patterns. There are many advantages to using PDF patterns: they’re instant (for all your whimsical sewing urges), you don’t have to leave your home to buy them (fellow hermits rejoice!), they’re more durable, and […]

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how to sew a 1940s collar

Many seamstresses shy away from sewing collared shirts and dresses because the instructions can be pretty daunting to look at on paper. The good thing about 1940′s collars, like the one on this DuBarry Jumper Dress from 1943, is you usually don’t have to sew the dreaded collar stand. But even the lack of stand […]

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Photography Tips for Sewing Bloggers – Part Two

My last round up of photography tips sparked some great questions and brought up some great points. I realize the majority of you are going to be on your own for photos, shooting solo with what you have on hand, and that’s perfectly okay! I actually don’t own a remote for my camera, and we […]

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Photography Tips For Sewing Bloggers

In light of being nominated for the Craftsy Blogger Awards, I thought it would be appropriate to explain how William and I take photos for Lucky Lucille. After all, it is an award for best photography on a sewing blog that we’re hoping to win! Before you say “hey wait a minute, she doesn’t even […]

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Using Non Printed Vintage Patterns – The Basics

One thing that may intimidate people from using 1940′s patterns is the fact that many of them are “un-printed” or blank. This means that you won’t find any markings on the tissue like you do on modern sewing patterns. This lack of information is a little startling at first glance, but soon you’ll see that […]

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Beginner Sewing Tips

Many of you had asked for some tutorials on building basic sewing skills and techniques. There are so many great tutorials out there already that I wanted to share a roundup of those links, rather than try to re-do what has already been done so well. I’m going to concentrate on tutorials involving vintage lifestyle/vintage […]

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Guest Post: Tasha’s Fancy Pockets!

Hi everyone, I’m Tasha from By gum, by golly! I’m thrilled to be guest posting for Rochelle while she’s on her WWII reenactment adventure. I thought I’d talk about a little project I did recently that could easily fit into the “make do and mend” wartime spirit. It’s not a tutorial exactly, but I’ll explain […]

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A Super Easy Way to Trace and Sew Darts

I previously shared some tips on my method for darts (here and here), but I wanted to repost it so it’s easier to refer back to! Darts are really essential for a great fitting garment, but the traditional way of tracing and sewing them can be really intimidating. For YEARS I was limiting myself to […]

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Make a Mood Board in Photoshop

Photoshop is an amazing tool for designers and bloggers, but it’s also a huge program that’s pretty intimidating at first glance. I’ve been using Photoshop as an amateur since 2005 and I’m still not even close to mastering it! BUT! It’s not hard to learn the basics. I’m going to attempt to walk you through a tutorial […]

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