It’s back! Sew For Victory returns for another awesome sewing challenge inspired by the 1940s. If you’re new around here, or missed out on last year’s challenge, be sure to watch the 2013 project parade video for a general idea of what to expect. There are also a slew of fantastic photos and group discussions […]

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winner announced!

Let me extend a huge thanks to those of you (all 173 of you!) who entered the giveaway to promote Christine’s new book. What an awesome kick off! The Complete Photo Guide to Clothing Construction is on sale now and has a five-star rating on Amazon so I bet copies are flying off the shelves! […]

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Well the Tasha/Rochelle adventure continues! To follow up with her recent outfit post, I wanted to share what I wore for our magnificent outing. Tasha and I had planned to sew something in advance so we could bring it along on our trip and take photos of each other during our visit. I finished these […]

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playing catch-up after the best weekend ever

Words can’t really describe how utterly amazing this past weekend has been… That’s right! I spent last weekend with none other than Tasha of By Gum, By Golly! Tasha and I have been online friends for a year or so now, I can’t remember when the initial “click” was, but we’ve been thick as thieves […]

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now closed – giveaway! blog tour with christine haynes

Hello! I have a special giveaway today to help kick off and promote Christine’s brand new book: The Complete Photo Guide to Clothing Construction. I’ve had the pleasure of previewing the book and let me tell you, it is THE Complete Photo Guide for beginners. Christine covers absolutely everything from pattern terms, cutting layout, marking […]

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When I stumbled upon this series of photos in the Google LIFE archives I could hardly believe my eyes or contain my giggles. The photos are clearly from some sort of large party featuring a balloon artist and well, …a whole lot of ridiculousness. It’s amazing how these photos are almost 70 years old but […]

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After the weather put a damper on my first attempt to photograph this skirt, I decided to write about it in two parts. In Part One I shared all about the “guts” of my skirt, that is, the inside details of construction and how I sewed it all up. But for those of you who […]

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how to pull yourself out of a serious sewing funk

Everyone suffers from bouts of “blah”- A funk. A general lack of enthusiasm or a plague of being utterly uninspired is not uncommon, especially for sewers. For some people a funk is no big deal. They come and go and you have little trouble snapping out of it. Maybe you don’t need to take funks […]

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moments to cherish

Things have been slow around here as I spend every last waking moment with my sweet old lady cat, Tabby Mae. Affectionately known as “Mayday” for her extreme protests when you’re late serving her breakfast, this little kitty is very special to me. Back in the summer of 1995 I was about to start the […]

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my knit for victory project

Well I had grand plans for Tasha’s Knit For Victory challenge but alas, I did not follow through on those original plans. Turns out I need to step back and re-learn knitting from the bottom up. I know the stitches but I don’t know a lot of fundamental language, or how to read patterns, or […]

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