Today I’m super excited to share another Victory Optical review with you! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Victory Optical, they’re a newly resurrected eyewear company whose roots go back to 1941 when the company was originally founded. When I say resurrected, I don’t mean in the sense like Madewell, I mean the third (and fourth!) generation of the original owner have picked up where their grandfather left off, reproducing the same amazing styles that were so popular throughout the 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond.


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Just a quick post today to share some sketchbook doodles inspired by a vintage Swedish greeting card from 1948. I bought a few holiday cards from a super awesome vintage shop while visiting my aunt (as well as Tasha and her mom!) last month, and just had to share this one because it’s one of my favorites.


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This is going to be a tendinitis friendly post where I let the photos do most of the explaining for me, but I did want to share a little bit about the “guts” of my latest sewing project: The Crazy 8s Full Circle Skirt. I’m rather proud of the way it came together since I’ve never done a pieced project like this (I’ve only made one quilt in my life thus far). I took extra steps to make the insides look just as nice as the outside, which is something I started really striving for last year.


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This skirt took me no less than forever to finish. It wasn’t difficult to put together, but there was a lot of “sew a little, then sit and wait” kind of stuff going on with this particular project, which is why it’s been seven weeks since ordering the fabric to actually calling it done. Spoiler alert: I still really, really love this skirt!! It was worth the wait.


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For the past few years in a row (specifically since 2012 when Lucky Lucille became a sewing blog) I tend to get a little sad come Spring time because of one particular thing: I’ve never been able to fully participate in Me Made May because I never have enough clothing I truly love in order to wear one me-made outfit, everyday, for 30 days.

That really bums me out because to me there’s something so magical about crafting your own clothes. The alchemy of it! I crave it on a deep personal level. I really want to be able to look down on a daily basis and count all the items I’m wearing that were crafted with my own two hands. …like a fabric wizard. Yes, this year I’m going to move up in the ranks of fabric wizardry.


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