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Papercut Ooh La Leggings in Stretch Vegan Leather

One thing I really want to do this year (besides sew ALL THE LEGGINGS) is sew more outside my comfort zone. One great way to do that is to say “Yes!” when fabric shops ask if you’d like the opportunity to try out some of their stock, especially when such stock includes stretch matte vegan leather and you’ve never sewn (or worn!) such a thing before. So without further delay, here’s my final fabric review for Girl Charlee and a love letter to the Papercut Patterns Ooh La Leggings. Continue Reading →

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Sloan Leggings with BOLT Fabric

One of the projects on my 2017 Make Nine list is leggings, in fact I vowed this year would be the year of finding the most perfect-for-me pair of leggings ever. Well there’s no better motivator to start on that quest than teaming up a fabric company known for knits and testing what they have to offer. Girl Charlee Fabrics very kindly sent me some of their brand new 100% USA made knit fabric, as well as the Sloan Leggings by Hey June patterns. Here are my thoughts after working with both…

Oh, and p.s., this is a Lucille-heavy post if you’ve been missing her face lately πŸ˜‰ Continue Reading →

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Five Goals and a Spirit Word for 2017

I have three completed sewing projects to share with you this month but I wanted to finish the last week in Gillian’s Top Five round up first, and this prompt is all about goals. I already set a few sewing and knitting goals with my 2017MakeNine challenge but it’s essential to get specific about your aspirations in order to have a clear vision of what you’re actually working towards. If I were to pick one “spirit word” to channel in 2017 it would be BUILD. This year I will build a wardrobe, build strength, and build a brand. Continue Reading →

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My Top Five Highlights of 2016

For this week’s ‘Top Five’ roundup I’m sharing my top five non-sewing related highlights of 2016. This was actually a hard list for me to compile because so much of what I do that feels highlight worthy involves sewing. In fact most of the things on this list still relate to sewing, just in a more indirect way. Oh well, I can’t help it – I’m kind of obsessed with sewing! Continue Reading →

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2017 Make Nine

Almost a year ago to the day I decided to blog about nine new projects I wanted to make in the new year. Inspired by the ever popular “Best Nine” roundup on Instagram I shared a “Make Nine” instead. While I didn’t finish every single pattern I set out to make over the course of 2016, it was still really helpful to kick off the new year with a solid plan of action with some visible goals to work towards. I allowed myself to be flexible and make adjustments as the year went by, working towards similar silhouettes and themes rather than exact patterns. Continue Reading →

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My Top Five Misses of 2016

To continue on with my Top Five of 2016, hosted by Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow, today I’m sharing five projects I made in 2016 that missed the mark. When working towards a homemade wardrobe, the act of sewing and knitting is really just a long series of trial and error until you find what works for you. It’s a learning process, and because of this I don’t really believe in completely failed projects. If you learned something from the project then it wasn’t a true waste of time and materials. You can make all the plans you want on paper until you’re confident you’re working towards the “best idea ever” but you won’t know for sure how something will work for you until you actually do the work. So here are five examples of me planning the projects, doing the work, and learning something from my efforts. Continue Reading →

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My Top Five Sewing Projects of 2016

You’ve probably seen this circulating around the interwebs already but if you haven’t, it’s an awesome series to join! Gillian at Crafting A Rainbow always does a great month of roundup posts for the end of the year. She calls it ‘Top Five’ and coincidentally this is the fifth year it’s been running. There are five prompts to share between now and the new year: 1.) Top five hits, 2.) Top five misses, 3.) Top non-sewing highlights, 4.) Top five reflections, and 5.) Your top five goals for 2017. You can read more about it on Gillian’s blog, and read more about my top five “hits” of 2016 below! Continue Reading →

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Explorations in Yarn Dyeing

Even before I learned how to knit I would see hand-dyed yarn at some of my favorite fabric boutiques and I’d marvel at it. I loved the variations in colors and stripes and always wondered what type of wizardry one would need to create such cool fiber. Now that I can knit and have been dealing with repetitive stress injuries, I’m even more motivated to try new things and explore new ways to express myself creatively. I wanted to find a way to feed my passion for knitting, even when I can’t physically knit. Well I finally stopped marveling from afar and started doing the research and the work. I’ve learned the basics of the Yarn Wizardry that is dyeing at home! Last month I bought a Craftsy class on sale, one that promised to get me started with yarn dyeing and today I wanted to share a little peek at my efforts. Continue Reading →

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How To Hem Knits Without A Coverstitch Machine

Recently I had a few readers ask how I prefer to hem my knits since I don’t own a coverstitch machine and don’t plan on buying one anytime soon, or probably ever. Though many people have one and swear by it, there are several other options for a perfectly nice finish on your stretchy garments that don’t require any fancy equipment. I have several different coverstitch alternatives to discuss and maybe one of them (or a combo of a few!) will become your go-to favorite. Continue Reading →