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Color Block Tank Top with Buttons


Though you can’t tell from my moodily lit photos, it was an amazing SEVENTY THREE DEGREES in Western, NY today. How’s that for an early Spring?! I can’t remember the last time I felt warm while outside and my cats and I were seriously loving it. Granted, it’s only March and New York gets a notorious late Spring snow in April (practically guaranteed). And of course, right at the time I took these pictures, the sun disappeared and that “It’s going to rain at any second” type of wind blew in to erase all photographic evidence of such an amazing record warm day. But! Let’s not overlook the fact that it’s March 9th and I’m sharing my latest sewing project …which is a tank top …and I’m wearing it outside …and I’m not freezing! Continue Reading →

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Guest Post for the Spoonflower Design-A-Day Challenge


Today’s prompt in the Spoonflower Design-A-Day Challenge is Block Printing and I’m honored to be sharing a mini How-To on their blog. The #SFDesignADay challenge is delivered as a daily email prompt to inspire designers to create a new print each day using a different medium or method.Β  I decided the challenge was a good excuse for me to create a brand new print especially for the tutorial. I’m really intrigued by Spirit Animals and their meanings (Isn’t that such a fun thought? I’m pretty sure Lucille is my Spirit Animal, IRL) so that’s where the inspiration for this little “bear spirit” comes from. Continue Reading →

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Fancy Tiger Fen Tee


One of the patterns on my #2016MakeNine list is Fen by Fancy Tiger Crafts. I originally bought this pattern thinking the dress would become a very favorite of mine, maybe even a “TNT” that I could make and wear again and again. Welllllllll… it didn’t exactly work out like that. But! Two muslin attempts is a learning experience, and a learning experience is no failure. Besides, I’m happy to keep working towards a me-made wardrobe that I can love for a long time, not just love for a few weeks and then decide there’s something amiss. Continue Reading →

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Murder Mystery Quilt Along


Murder! Mystery! Quilting! Block of the month! If those words made your eyes wide with excitement and intrigue, then we should probably be best friends …Oh, and you should probably check out the Murder Mystery Quilt-Along hosted by Deborah Moebes of Whipstitch. This Block Of The Month style club goes above and beyond your basic quilt-along. Presented as a real murder mystery, there’s a new book chapter released each month, along with instructions to build your accompanying quilt block. Each block contains clues to help solve the crime told in the story. How cool is that?!

You can read along with other quilters as you complete each block, all while trying to guess the killer, AND! There’s a prize to be won at the end of the year! Continue Reading →

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Three Things V.6


Hello, All. Thank you for such a warm and kind response on my last post. It’s so nice to know that others out there can relate! To continue on my quest for less trying and more doing (like blogging more regularly), here’s a new installment of my Three Things series – A continuing round up of photos, and links, and things in threes. …because I like the number three. …and things. Continue Reading →

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Don’t try, just do.


As we move through 2016 I’ve been trying to change my outlook and my attitude towards a braver, more positive me. I catch myself being a “realist” to the point where I often talk myself out of things that I’ve logistically evaluated and convinced myself just won’t work. But then a small stubborn voice at the back of my mind says “Oh come on, just try it.” And that small voice is usually followed by a vision of Master Yoda (because I’m a nerd) reciting his classic “Do. Or do not. There is no try” speech and you know what? Yoda is right. Continue Reading →

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WIP it good


I prepped/started several projects last month that I’m really looking forward to finishing in February. I go back and forth between wanting to start (and finish!) just one thing at a time, and multitasking many things to avoid any one project feeling stale. Right now I’m in a START ALL THE THINGS! kind of mood. I currently have two sewing projects, two knitting projects, and a few blocking printing/design projects in the works. Continue Reading →

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Lakeside Pajamas made with Sprout Patterns


I’m super excited to share my latest collaborative sewing project: A pair of Grainline Studio Lakeside Pajamas made with Sprout Patterns and Spoonflower. It’s a rare treat to be able to combine so many of my favorite companies into one project, so when Sprout contacted me with this opportunity I couldn’t write them back quickly enough to say YES PLEASE! Sprout is a new company, from the awesome people at Spoonflower, who work with indie sewing pattern companies to bring you cut-and-sew patterns on demand. You can skip the pattern pinning and tracing and just cut your particular size right off the fabric. It’s such a unique service! Continue Reading →

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Off To A Good Start


As previously mentioned, some of my goals for 2016 are to sew for comfort, advance my knitting, and showcase my block printing, but aside from that I also told myself I would sew more for necessity (I’m easily distracted by brand new shiny patterns that don’t suit my life/style) and really evaluate my stash before buying new fabric (I’m also easily distracted by shiny new fabrics that don’t suit my life/style). Well I’m off to a good start on that front because my first completed project of 2016 is both a necessity and a stash bust! Continue Reading →

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New Spoonflower Shop!


One of the things I discovered (and fell madly in love with) last year was block printing. Sadly, that’s the one thing I rarely blogged about. I did share new block printing projects on Instagram, but I didn’t make the extra effort to actually write about those projects here. That’s something I’m working to change this year, starting with a brand new Spoonflower shop to showcase my love for both block printing and fabric design! Continue Reading →