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Mood Fabrics Giveaway and Sneak Peek


Mood Fabrics recently contacted me with the opportunity to craft a project for their guest blogger program and I can’t wait to share what I’ve made! Though my original plan for the fabric is the polar opposite of what I ended up with, I’m super happy with it. I don’t know if it’s the recent snow storm we got in NY or the fact that cold/flu season seems to have found its way into my household in lieu of Spring, but something was working against me when starting my projects. I’ve always associated Mood Fabrics with fashion forward, designer apparel and I really wanted to create an impressive outfit worthy of that description. Well sometimes, as they say, you don’t get what you want but you get what you need. Continue Reading →

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The Better Pictures Project


Over the past year fellow blogger Gillian, of Crafting A Rainbow, has been on a mission to learn new camera techniques and take better photos for her blog. In case you missed it, she’s featured me as her sixth and final muse for The Better Pictures Project. I’m SO inspired by her posts in this series and it’s been awesome to follow along. I really enjoyed answering Gillian’s interview questions and sharing some tips for better blog pictures. Continue Reading →

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Two Lark Tees in Organic Cotton Jersey


To follow up with my last post about things I’ve learned sewing with knits, I have photos of me actually wearing said knits! The pattern is Lark, by Grainline Studio, which I just bought online last month and couldn’t wait to make. The fabric I used came to me courtesy of Organic Cotton Plus (in exchange for a review) and while the fabrics weren’t my favorite on their own initially, they ultimately became my new favorite shirts! Let me explain… Continue Reading →

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Things I’ve Learned: Sewing with Knits


Up until pretty recently I had a Love/Hate relationship with knits. I love wearing them, hate sewing them. Well, “hate” is a strong word, and I certainly don’t dislike sewing with knits anymore, but I used to. I didn’t even have any good reasons to dislike knits other than thinking they were too fussy to deal with compared to wovens, or took a lot of specialized equipment in order to look well-made. I had a moment last year where I realized I needed to start sewing basics if I was ever going to have a me-made wardrobe I actually wore and loved. Since then I’ve been trying to change changing my attitude (don’t try, do!), and my approach, when it comes to sewing with stretchy fabrics.

Everyone has their own method and “right way” to do any given thing, but here are some things I’ve learned so far on my personal journey sewing with knits. Continue Reading →

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Happy Birthday, Lucille!


Seven years ago today I rescued my furry soul mate, Lucille. Since we don’t really know exactly when she was born, my family has always treated this day as her birthday. She’s estimated to be 10 years old now! We definitely don’t need a special day as an excuse to shower her in love and extra attention (because she gets that every day) but it’s certainly nice to look back and remember the day that we rescued her. Continue Reading →

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Color Block Tank Top with Buttons


Though you can’t tell from my moodily lit photos, it was an amazing SEVENTY THREE DEGREES in Western, NY today. How’s that for an early Spring?! I can’t remember the last time I felt warm while outside and my cats and I were seriously loving it. Granted, it’s only March and New York gets a notorious late Spring snow in April (practically guaranteed). And of course, right at the time I took these pictures, the sun disappeared and that “It’s going to rain at any second” type of wind blew in to erase all photographic evidence of such an amazing record warm day. But! Let’s not overlook the fact that it’s March 9th and I’m sharing my latest sewing project …which is a tank top …and I’m wearing it outside …and I’m not freezing! Continue Reading →

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Guest Post for the Spoonflower Design-A-Day Challenge


Today’s prompt in the Spoonflower Design-A-Day Challenge is Block Printing and I’m honored to be sharing a mini How-To on their blog. The #SFDesignADay challenge is delivered as a daily email prompt to inspire designers to create a new print each day using a different medium or method.Β  I decided the challenge was a good excuse for me to create a brand new print especially for the tutorial. I’m really intrigued by Spirit Animals and their meanings (Isn’t that such a fun thought? I’m pretty sure Lucille is my Spirit Animal, IRL) so that’s where the inspiration for this little “bear spirit” comes from. Continue Reading →

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Fancy Tiger Fen Tee


One of the patterns on my #2016MakeNine list is Fen by Fancy Tiger Crafts. I originally bought this pattern thinking the dress would become a very favorite of mine, maybe even a “TNT” that I could make and wear again and again. Welllllllll… it didn’t exactly work out like that. But! Two muslin attempts is a learning experience, and a learning experience is no failure. Besides, I’m happy to keep working towards a me-made wardrobe that I can love for a long time, not just love for a few weeks and then decide there’s something amiss. Continue Reading →

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Murder Mystery Quilt Along


Murder! Mystery! Quilting! Block of the month! If those words made your eyes wide with excitement and intrigue, then we should probably be best friends …Oh, and you should probably check out the Murder Mystery Quilt-Along hosted by Deborah Moebes of Whipstitch. This Block Of The Month style club goes above and beyond your basic quilt-along. Presented as a real murder mystery, there’s a new book chapter released each month, along with instructions to build your accompanying quilt block. Each block contains clues to help solve the crime told in the story. How cool is that?!

You can read along with other quilters as you complete each block, all while trying to guess the killer, AND! There’s a prize to be won at the end of the year! Continue Reading →

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Three Things V.6


Hello, All. Thank you for such a warm and kind response on my last post. It’s so nice to know that others out there can relate! To continue on my quest for less trying and more doing (like blogging more regularly), here’s a new installment of my Three Things series – A continuing round up of photos, and links, and things in threes. …because I like the number three. …and things. Continue Reading →