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Fall Sewing & Knitting Progress

Last weekend I made some great progress on my Fall wardrobe plans! Over the past year my most worn/most loved sewing projects have been the simple ones made from stretchy fabrics and I’m proud of myself for concentrating more on sewing for necessity above all else, making basic wardrobe staples instead of dresses I never end up wearing. Last winter my go-to cold weather uniform included comfy tunics paired with leggings and slouchy sweaters, so I’m off to a good start in my quest to creating a wearable me-made wardrobe that I’m happy with.

I’ll share full blog posts about each of these items soon, but here’s a peek at what I’ve been working on lately. Continue Reading →

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A Coat For Lucille

If you’re not interested in seeing a million photos of Lucille’s super cute face then you might want to skip this post. …but seriously who doesn’t want to see pictures of cute dog faces?! No one I know, that’s for sure. Today I’m sharing another collaboration with Spoonflower and Sprout Patterns but this time I made something for Miss Lucky Lucille herself instead of sewing for me. Spoiler Alert: It’s a fleece dog coat with hot air balloons on it and it’s really cute (just like her face). Continue Reading →

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DIY Quilted Tablet Sleeve Tutorial with Harts Fabric

I’m partnering up with Harts Fabric for the second year, sharing another tutorial for their Sew Your Hart Out September event! Last year I shared a fun Archer Button-Up hack inspired by an Anthropologie dress. This year I’m showing you how to make your own quilted sleeve for a tablet or laptop. The fabric that Harts provided is from Cotton&Steel’s new collection by Rifle Paper Co. and it’s beautiful! Continue Reading →

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Plucky Knitter Marled Hat and yet another Lark Tee

Today I’m sharing my latest knitting project, The Marled Hat by Plucky Knitter. I actually finished this hat back in early July but we had such an insanely hot summer here in Western New York that I couldn’t even think about putting it on my head. Now that it’s September and the fall season is officially approaching it seems much more appropriate to wear a super thick wool hat. Continue Reading →

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Another Lark Tee and McCall’s M7386

I’ve been wearing a lot of knit maxi skirts this summer because it’s been terribly hot in New York and I find them to be way cooler on the legs than jeans. I didn’t own any maxi skirts until this season but after buying a few second-hand skirts from thredUP and realizing they are in fact super comfortable in the summer, I knew it was time to make my own. Coincidentally Birch Fabrics just released a new collection called Tall Tales and asked if I’d like a few yards to show and tell. Continue Reading →

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True Bias Hudson Pants

ERMAHGERD! I finally made myself some Hudson Pants! This awesome pattern by Kelly of True Bias has been on my radar for a while now …probably years actually, and with a little extra motivation (i.e. my #2016MakeNine sewing challenge and two great fabrics) I now own a pair. Or I guess I could say this pair owns me since I haven’t taken them off in days! No shame. Continue Reading →

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WIP it good

So far July has felt extremely productive. I released my first PDF pattern, spoke at a local Quilt Guild meeting, visited friends, attended a family picnic, enjoyed the beautiful summer weather and sewed/knit many things! I now have a pretty big backlog of projects to share but until I can catch up here’s a peek at some recently finished objects, plus a few Works In Progress. Continue Reading →

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Introducing the Pixie Wallet Pattern

This venture has been a long time in the making and I’m so excited to finally share it with you – I’ve just launched my first sewing pattern! I’ve been talking about releasing my own patterns for years now and it’s taken me that long to learn everything I needed to know in order to do it all on my own. I have lots of ideas and partially completed patterns to catch up on, but I had to start with this pattern first. Continue Reading →

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A Cat and A Hat and Some Ramblings

Next up in the “Will She Ever Knit Anything Besides A Hat” Series is… another hat. Sometimes I wish I had all aspects of my life narrowed down as well as my knitting focus is because things would probably be a lot easier. It’s hard for me to pin point my favorite food, or favorite thing to sew, or wear, (or, you know, what I want to be when I grow up) but when it comes to knitting I’ve got it all figured out. I like hats. I know eventually I’ll try branching out and knitting other things but I’ll always go back to hats. So without further delay, here is my new hat, my old cat, and some random off-the-cuff ramblings. Continue Reading →