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Hazel Parade

By On July 23, 2012

Good Morning! Today Sarah, Erin, and I are going to be sharing some of your dresses that were finished for the Sew Colette Hazel Sew Along! First of all, let me say… Read More


Completed: Hazel

By On July 8, 2012

My Hazel dress is done! What’s that you say? You thought I was making a red gingham Hazel?? Yeah, I thought I was too. Turns out the fabric I bought was total… Read More


Sew Colette 2.0

By On June 1, 2012

Sarah, and Erin have been an absolute joy to follow along with in the Colette Handbook Sew-along, so it’s with great pleasure that I get to embark on a new sewing adventure… Read More


Completed: Taffy

By On April 29, 2012

The latest Sew Colette garment is the Taffy Blouse, and here’s mine! I had every intention of using actual blouse fabric, but then decided to shop my own stash instead. I originally… Read More


Completed: Truffle Dress

By On March 26, 2012

Oh hi there. I finished the latest dress for the Colette Handbook Sew-along: The Truffle! Originally I had big plans to modify the crap out of this dress. In fact, I was… Read More


Colette Handbook Sew-along!

By On January 11, 2012

I bought the Colette Sewing Handbook last month and I’ve been really excited to get started on some of the projects. Now I’m even MORE excited because Colette announced a Sew-along hosted… Read More