Debut Success!

December 12, 2011

So the little craft fair that featured my wears was a HUGE success!! I sold 7 out of 12 scarves and 3 out of 6 wallets! When Liam came home and told me the news, I definitely did a happy dance in my kitchen!! Ahh!!! It feels amazing. I’m working on lighter weight all cotton scarves, some more mini wallets, and trying at hand at hair accessories too. My new site is SOOO close to being finished now. The shopping cart feature has a few small tweaks to be ironed out but it looks so good and I’m getting really antsy about sharing the new look!!

I’m also photographing my things for the new site and trying to get all the last little details sorted out. I’m actually really glad my new site hasn’t been launched yet, because the delay has brought about some super amazing ideas and style upgrades that have really blown me away. I almost can’t believe it’s MY site! I’m raising the bar big time.

I’m really sorry for the lack of feature posts as of late. I’ve been focusing on sewing and the new site, and I’m horrible at scheduling posts in advance so bear with me. I have been keeping up with facebook, twitter, and instagram if you would like to check in with me there.

I apologize to those who had Lucky Lucille things in mind for holiday gifts, I know I’m running out of time here. Totally my fault! I’m sorry 🙁


So again, sorry for the complete lack of interesting blog content. Will this make it up to you? Majestic Snow Cats and this super creepy awesome owl “petting” a dog. I love owls. Mostly because they are equal parts mystical and creepy, beautiful and hideous, graceful and dumpy. …yeah. Dumpy. That’s a word people use right?

Oh, and for those that want to follow me on instagram, you have now been warned that I post A LOT of pictures of my dog. Like, A LOT. But she’s super cute so you can’t be mad.
Love & Light,