Lucky Lucille Debut!!

December 9, 2011


I’m SO excited that my wears are being sold RIGHT NOW at the Seventh Generation friends and family craft fair in Burlington!! (I use their products to pre-wash all my fabrics!! LOVE their stuff!!) Unfortunately, I’m not there because all of the chimineys in my condo are being inspected today, (not to mention I stayed up til 3am putting the finishing touches on my stuff) but Liam’s super amazing friend Sara offered to sell for me since she’s an employee of 7th Gen. She’s wonderful!! (No seriously Sara you’re THE BEST!)

Liam took these pics with his phone really quickly this morning so I could see everything all set up, and I have to tell you it feels AMAZING! I made those hang tags at like 2am and kept printing them wrong or cutting them wrong, but the frustration was worth it! I think they turned out great given the circumstances!


I finished a few mini “wallettes” that I was talking about previously. I love how they turned out! This fair is really small so I don’t expect to sell much, but in all honesty, I would really love to just have some solid constructive feed back. I want to always improve what I make, and that will ultimately get me sales. Plus if I sell all of what I sent with Sara, I will have NOTHING to put on Etsy this weekend! Haha! But I guess I’ll worry about that if it happens.

Prices for circle scarves are $36, and wallettes are $16. This is based on cost of materials alone, I didn’t even figure in what I would make per hour or whatever. Keep in mind these are all handmade, one of a kind, and my own design. Not to mention most of the circle scarves have a reverse side so you’re pretty much getting two in one. I know I could charge more but I think these prices are fair, and I would feel comfortable paying these prices myself so that’s what they’ll be for the time being.

I’m really pushing to re-launch my website this weekend now that my stuff has been shared with the public!

Stay tuned 🙂


Any thoughts on prices or other things you’d like to see me make? I plan to make circle scarves in lighter weight cottons too for those who aren’t experiencing a winter season right now.
Also, I’m hoping to open my own store on my site with google checkout for those are aren’t familiar with Etsy, and think Paypal is the devil. (I hate Paypal) If you were going to buy from me, would you feel comfortable buying directly from my site via Google Checkout? Or would you rather stick to Etsy?

I’m always open to constructive criticism and suggestions!

Much love you guys, you’re all amazing!