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Colette Meringue Skirt

The first project of the Colette Sew-along is FINISHED!! And on time I might add. Sorry for the horrid lighting in my pics. I finished my skirt in the early evening as the sun was going down so I attempted to take the final pictures with flood lights haha! FAIL!

Oh well, I’ll get some actual pictures with natural light soon!

Yeahhhh horrible lighting. BUT!! I’m pretty darn proud of myself for sticking with my original design plan and making it work! Currently accepting cyber high fives. Thank you, thank you 😉

I think I made THREE muslins before using my final fabric. I couldn’t get the fit right on any of them but finally decided to just go for it anyways. And what do ya know it worked out!

I’m pretty proud of it and I can’t wait to share better, more in depth pictures soon! I’ll also explain a little more on how I ended up tweaking the pattern.

Happy Monday everyone!