Make It – Sorbetto Top

January 9, 2012

Hi there! One of my personal goals for 2012 is to make more of my own clothes. Colette Patterns makes it REALLY easy to do just that. The Sorbetto Top is actually a free pattern download found on their blog so why wouldn’t I try it?! This was my first experience with Colette and I have to say all the rave reviews I’ve read on ease of use are totally true. So if you’re a beginner, or not familliar with garment sewing, give this one a try!

I’m trying to get rid of the mass amounts of stash fabric I have piling up. So instead of making a muslin (not that you would really need to for this pattern) or using more expensive fabric, I used some old fabric and just kinda went for it. I tend to stay away from shirt patterns because I thought darts were really hard to do. HA! I was so stupid. They’re so easy.

The pattern is really easy to print! Though, I didn’t realize I could save almost 20 sheets of paper by following the directions online instead of printing them! DUH. Oops.

There’s a little 4in by 4in square that you’re supposed to cut out and measure to make sure your pattern printed to scale. Mine was a few centimeters off, so I just cut the pattern 2 sizes bigger to make up for it. No big deal. I think after serging the seams it ended up being the correct finished size.

I thought the pattern looked a little on the short side, for me anyways, so I left the length the longest it could possibly be instead of matching the size for the rest of it.

For the darts I cut into one side of the pattern and folded it open on the other line so I could trace the outline of it to the wrong side of my fabric with chalk. I’ve read WAY more complicated ways to transfer darts to fabric, and I don’t like complicated so this is how I do it now I guess haha.

After I finished the darts I busted out my serger and finished the edges before stitching the front and back together. I can never seem to get the tension right so the serged threads are kind of loose, but they still work.

Here are the side seams and bottom hem finished.

I still have to put the bias tape on the neck and arm holes. I think I’ll use white since I have it already, but I may just have to try cutting my own since I do have a bias tape maker kicking around here somewhere.

So that’s as far as I’ve gotten on it. I want to make another one in a bigger print, or even a solid since the cute little pleat in the front totally gets lost in the small print. But like I said, this was old fabric so I figured this one would end up either not wearable, or the inspiration for a better one.

Now that I know darts are a cinch to do I can’t wait to try some of the Colette dresses!! Not only are Colette patterns really easy to follow, but they have a ton of little tutorials and helpful tidbits for you as you work along. It’s great! Highly recommended!

I’ll post a picture of me wearing the finished product next week. Ooorrrr me wearing a different one if I decide to re-make it. …which I probably will.

Happy Monday!