Goodwill Hunting

February 20, 2012

I’ve been REALLY disappointed with the last few mall store purchases I made, so I decided not to pay full price for clothing anymore. I bought a knit cardigan from American Eagle last month and after a week of wearing it, I realized part of the sleeve has been sewn into it’s seam at the shoulder. There’s a permanent and really weird pinch of fabric at that seam now and it’s totally unacceptable! How did I not notice this in the store?! It’s SO obvious. Luckily it was on clearance for 20 bucks, but still. I’m super bummed.

So this past weekend I decided to take a trip to Goodwill (see what I did with the title? I’m so clever lame.) and try my luck at finding some clothing that is actually worth the price! I’m pretty excited with my finds…

This J Crew wool cardigan was HALF OFF! It has a small snag on the sleeve but still has all of it’s buttons, so it was a total score at only 4 dollars! How cute is the ruffle?!

I’m totally not a fancy shoes girl, so I can’t ever imagine paying full price for a pair of heels. However, I do have a wedding coming up that requires some sort of dressy shoe so I was on a mission to find affordable ones to go with the Pastille dress I’m working on!

Score!! Each of these pairs were under $10! The brown heels are maybe a half size too big, but with thicker tights they should be perfect, and I think they’ll look awesome with my dress. …now I just have to learn how to walk in them haha!

I also found a lime green cardigan from Loft (8 dollars) and this super awesome one from Banana Republic!! (Also 8 dollars. Not 800 like everything else in that store.)

It is missing two buttons but it will be super easy to make some of my own fabric covered ones and re-attach them. I love the poofy sleeves so much! It has a small stain at the waist, but it looks like it will come right out in the wash.

Thrift stores can be really hit or miss, but if you have the time to really stop and sort through everything you’ll probably get lucky! Plus, a lot of people around here are really wealthy but also charitable, so you can actually find great stuff at Goodwill!

I just have to send these through the wash and they’ll be ready to go! Eight dollars for a cardigan sure beats the heck out of a $60 dollar one with a seriously messed up sleeve! Grrr! (Shaking my fists at you American Eagle!!)

They just don’t make clothes like they used to. Thirty years from now, NO ONE will be buying “vintage” 2010’s clothing. It won’t exist because it’s all pretty much sweat shop garbage.

From now on I plan to make, or thrift, most of my own clothes unless I’m supporting an independent/locally owned boutique. American Eagle can stuff it!

Happy Monday Lovlies!
Have a great rest of the week!