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Lazy Day Off

February 24, 2012

Lucille loves when I have a day off because it pretty much means she gets snuggles all day long. Snuggling is her favorite. She makes it really hard for me to resist that little face, so my productivity happens in spurts in between keeping this little one properly snuggled. Seriously though, can you blame me?

She had white rice for lunch along with her dry food. You can see she’s saving some on her chin for later.

I’m starting to gather all my materials to finish my Pastille Dress! …after my laundry gets put away of course. 

Lucille doesn’t understand how to put away her toys. I swear she thinks she’s playing this game with me. So hilarious! (Seriously though that video makes me ‘lol’!)

Treats n’ snoozin. Snoozin n’ treats. Mom’s treats, not her’s obviously. She eats better than I do a lot of the time. Organic, no fillers or preservatives etc. Yeah, no. Give me fruit snacks.

Lucille thinks sorting laundry is boring, and is a waste of perfectly good snuggle time. She likes to pull all of my dirty clothes out of my closet and make a nest with them to sleep in. I tried to explain that it’s counter productive when she does this, but her little face tells me she could care less.

I like to separate clothes by how often I wear them, or what type of clothing it is. For example, I have an entire basket full of clothes I only wear to bed, another one for work, and another one for socks and unmentionables. Does anyone else do this?

In between all that I’ve been listening to Spotify all day and trying to beat my brother at Words with Friends. The only games I have on my phone are word games. I love them! I’m not too good at them since an 8 year old would beat me in a spelling bee, but I still love them. 7 Little Words is my favorite. I actually am pretty good at that one, but it’s a game you play against yourself so I have no proof. Just take my word for it.

Finally Lucille came in the bedroom from her mid morning nap and demanded snuggle time. She does this by sitting on my feet and pawing my leg if I’m standing, or forcing her head under my arm and crawling in my lap if I’m sitting down on the floor. Sometimes this means she needs to go o.u.t. depending on the time of day.

So we settled down in bed for a little bit and I decided to write this blog post. One of our closet doors rattles when the tenant upstairs walks over a certain part of the floor. …at least  I think that’s what’s making the noise. Could be a rabid possum or something. I’m kind of afraid to look… but regardless it’s really annoying and makes Lucille’s little ears prick up when she hears it. Lucille is always on the alert, being the good watch dog that she is. Anyone who has a Bully breed knows that they usually make great watch dogs, but terrible guard dogs because they’re so outwardly people friendly. “Oh hai burgler! I see you have a crowbar in your hand, would you mind putting that down so you can pet me? Oh the valuables? Yeah sure, they’re in here… but seriosuly dude, I need a pet first.” Yeah that would be Lucille. Did I mention she jumped in the back of the UPS delivery truck once?


Yeah that stupid rattling door. Makes my eyes get big too. Anyways, I hope everyone has a super amazing weekend! I really was hoping to make it back home to NY to attend a funeral but it’s not going to happen. We’d literally have to leave tonight at 5pm, get back to NY around 2am, go to calling hours on Saturday and then head home early Sunday. I really want to be there for my family… these things happen I suppose. At least they understand, but I can’t help but feel guilty.

I’m just going to try to stay positive and stay busy!

(and a bigger XO to my Grama if you’re reading this.)