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Although I’m not 100% happy with the fit, I love how my dress turned out! One of my good friends is getting married on St. Patrick’s day and wants everyone to wear green, so I was really hoping this dress would turn out so I could wear it! I have a matching Negroni in the works for Liam to wear 😉

I really didn’t do a whole lot of tweaking to this dress besides taking out the cap sleeves and, once again, sewing the facing to the outside! I went to sew it in as instructed, but had a last minute “Hey wait a minute!” moment as I was pinning. Forget the interfacing, this dress needs a collar!

I was super excited to finally unpack my fancy bias tape maker (they’re a steal when Joann’s has a sale!!) and bind my lack of sleeves using Colette’s method.

I should have stopped my zipper right at the white bias tape. I think it looks a little funny stopping where it does, but that’s okay. I kinda forgot about the hook and eye closure too. Oops!

I was too excited to take pictures and therefore my sash isn’t technically finished. It’s not hemmed. Whatever. I also wanted to do the cute pin tuck detail at the bottom, but it totally got lost in the stripe so I decided against the effort.

You can’t really tell in the picture, but I burned my elbow pretty badly on my iron. I think immediately running it under cold water was the only thing that kept it from blistering. I managed to burn my elbow, resulting in me bumping the iron off my board, then miraculously catching the not burny part of the super hot iron as it was falling, all while NOT dropping my camera that I was holding in the other hand! Definitely almost gave myself a heart attack in the process. Who tries to catch a hot falling iron!? I’m so lucky I still have a hand.

The fit is still a tad big baggy, so the sash is pretty necessary. However, I’d much rather be able to sit down without bustin’ a seam!

See, no busting of the seams here!!

Once again, this Sew-along with Erin and Sarah has been beyond awesome* and I’m really excited to start Project 3!

Have a fantastic rest of your week!!

*Yeah, I know, I said that last time. Just prepare to read a similar statement after every project 😉