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A closer look at Truffle

Here are a few more pictures of my latest sewing project, as promised! When I first took a look through the handbook, I thought this dress would be my least favorite dress to make (spoiler alert: it’s now my favorite!!) The example given in the book is simple, and elegant, …but totally boring! A solid color silky fabric really shows off the skirt drape in this dress… but I love cottons and I love PRINTS!

After much deliberation on which fabric to use (and even scraping the first 90% completed dress attempt) I decided to go with this particular organic cotton that I had been swooning over in the shop! I actually bought the last of the bolt just to make this dress. As I mentioned in the previous post, I originally planed to make a very different “Truffle” dress (this one), but decided to stick with the original Truffle pattern in the spirit of the sew along. I’m really glad I did because I think this is my favorite dress I’ve ever made to date!

I only made a few mods to my Truffle, including: pink piping at the neckline, two little pink buttons at the center front neck line, a standard zipper in lieu of the invisible one, and a dual button belt that I whipped up out of the remaining piping and the pink fabric I scrapped from my first Truffle.

Don’t look too closely at the belt! I seriously threw it together with no pattern and in less than ten minutes! Ah! It actually turned out exactly pretty close to exactly how I intended, so I’m very happy with it.

I finished the hem of the inside lining, but didn’t actually stitch it to the waist as instructed. I’m very glad I didn’t because I ended up having to take in the seam at the arm pits a tad. The bust fit well, but for some reason there was a pretty big flare out at the top of the side seams. (Did anyone else experience this?) I also opted not to stitch each bodice layer to the zipper separately. Too much hassle! Speaking of the zipper, I feel like 24in was unnecessarily long for this dress. A 20 or 22in zipper probably would have been plenty.

I went super lazy with the bottom hem and just rolled under my finished edge and stitched it down. I was trying to save as much length as I could at the bottom. Heaven forbid this girl shows too much knee cap! I’m old school. I know. I also feel like this technique helped keep my drape layer nice and drapey! (My computer tells me “drapey” is not a word. That’s a lie I tell you!)

All in all I’m soooo happy with how my Truffle turned out! I made my mom proud. She says it’s amazing, and my mom never lies to me. So yeah. wink wink 😉

Some of the awesome ladies from the Sew Colette Group have already started uploading their Truffle versions, and my oh my there are some nice ones!! High Fives all around!!

p.s. can you believe we’re THREE MONTHS into this sew-along?! I don’t want it to end 🙁

Now I just need to finish my Mad Men dress before that deadline. Yikes.

Take care, All!

*a special thank you to my wonderful Mr. for snapping the pics of me in my dress before work!