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Completed: Truffle Dress

Oh hi there. I finished the latest dress for the Colette Handbook Sew-along: The Truffle!

Originally I had big plans to modify the crap out of this dress. In fact, I was installing the zipper on my modded version when I decided to scrap the whole thing. It was cute, but it was not a Truffle. I already feel pretty guilty for being a featuredΒ seamstressΒ for the Pastille, since that dress wasn’t truly a Pastille at all. I came to the conclusion that I’m not really learning anything if I don’t actually follow the book. Duh, I know. I learn the hard way!

So, I tried REALLY hard to read every single step word for word instead of skimming and going with what made sense to me. I just can’t follow directions on certain things! But, my way is clearly not always the right way. (…that was hard for me to admit!) So, in the spirit of the Sew-along, I give you a tried and true Truffle with no mods. …okay, okay, a Truffle with as little mods as I could possibly go without!

I may or may not have gone overkill with the buttons… Psh. Like that’s even possible!

I will post more in depth pictures soon including finished inside seams, the minor mods I added, as well as my trials and tribulations.

Thanks for taking a look!


p.s. Does anyone else suffer from directional A.D.D? Anyone who’s tried to give me verbal traffic directions knows not to ever again. My brain just shuts down.


  • Stacy @

    Hi there, I just discovered your blog while looking for pictures of Truffle dresses (I’m about to make one). Love your style and your use of cotton prints–my favorite fabrics!

    • Aww thank you! I really enjoyed making the truffle dress. It’s the dress I wear most often out of all the Colette book projects. I don’t really wear anything that isn’t cotton, so I looooove modern quilting fabrics! They’re so fun! I’d love to see your dress when it’s finished πŸ™‚

  • This is so cute, you did such an amazing job! BTW – love your blog and that cute pup!

  • Zara Edwards

    LOL @ directional A.D.D.Β  Love your dress, totally cutsies!

  • Natalie at FrizzyDizzy

    Sewing ADD is what makes things unique. I suffer from that and trying Β shortcuts that sometimes work. It’s all part of learning.Β 
    PS I love the dress!!

  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    OMG I love it! What kind of fabric is that?

  • sallieforrer

    its adorable!! love it!Β 

  • Wow! You are just burning through these dresses! Nice work lady, you’re so talented!!

  • pincushiontreats

    I love your modified version! Patterns aren’t always there to follow exactly. I wish I could step outside the box like you.

    Your Truffle dress is the bee’s knees. Very sweet!

    • Stepping outside the box often gets me in trouble when it comes to sewing, so it’s not always something to strive for! But thank you, you’re very sweet πŸ™‚