Family Heirloom

March 21, 2012

Back in January my Aunt sent me a bunch a vintage dresses that belonged to her grandmother. I immediately tried them all on and marveled at the construction of each one. They are all in extremely good shape, pretty pristine actually, and were well made. The hand sewn invisible hems on these dresses blows my mind! They’re literally invisible from the outside even when looking at them up close. Some of the dresses have tags in them and some don’t, but they ALL have raw unfinished seams on the inside! So strange! I guess sergers weren’t around back then… They just don’t make clothes like they used to!

Oh, and how about invisible zippers and interfacing? NOPE! No where to be found! See, I’m not crazy for discriminating against those two things, I’m just old school I guess. A dying breed.

Anyway, it’s been in the high seventies all week here in Vermont, which is record breaking for this time of year. The amazing weather has made me realize I have a serious lack of spring dresses in my wardrobe. I donated the majority of my “cute” clothes before I moved, thinking I would be working with animals exclusively, and would never step foot inside a dress again. Silly me!

Long story short, after much deliberation as to whether or not I should ever wear any of my newly inherited family heirlooms, I decided to just go for it! These dresses ended up with me so they wouldn’t live in an attic anymore, so they deserve some sunlight!

Pardon the wrinkles, but the fabric content is unknown to me so I’m kind of afraid to iron it! It feels like voile cotton but much thicker. I will admit I sew almost exclusively with cottons because it’s most comfortable on my skin, so any fabric outside of that category is pretty foreign to me!

I also came to the conclusion that I need a cardigan sponsor. I wear one every day!! Even in the summer time. I’m super sensitive to the sun so I wear a lot of layers all through the year. This grey one that I’ve shamelessly worn 2 days in a row, is from Target and it’s perfect! It fits well, it’s comfortable, and the sleeves actually reach past my wrists! Yeah, I’m a little taller than average, but I don’t have monkey arms! Why are most long sleeved things an awkward length!? Does anyone else feel this way?

p.s. there is NO Target in the entire state of Vermont. Not a one. I can’t drive 8 hours to buy more cardigans any time soon, which is another reason why I need a sweater sponsor.

I was totally trying to take photos of myself in the shop during my down time. It’s darn near impossible to take a decent picture of yourself when you can’t see the lighting, the frame, the focus, or anything. Blarg. So my wonderful Mr. snapped a few quick shots for me after work just as the sun was setting. In fact, the solar powered common space light kicked on right as he snapped this last shot, hence the shadows that don’t match. Thank goodness for photoshop I tell ya. That stupid solar light also made the original color of my photo that weird glowy orange that you see in the dark tunnels of the subway. At least I think it’s that color. It’s been years since I was on a subway…

I can’t wait for tomorrow! It’s my day off and I have a lot of sewing to catch up on. I finished a muslin for the bodice part of my “Truffle” dress and I’m soooo excited to get this dress done! If all goes well it will look pretty darn close to my inspiration dress.

Happy Wednesday Fancy Readers!
Enjoy your day 🙂