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A Skirt and a Sunset

Finally!! This is a bit delayed seeing as how I finished the skirt like, 2 weeks ago. Whatever. My bad 😉

Sooooo without further adieu, here’s my Colette Ginger Skirt made with Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Rising.

…and Lucille of course, since she photo bombed my shoot. What a ham.

This crazy Vermont weather is not treating my face so nicely! I have a major headache and my ears and nose are half stuffed up, half soggy. Kinda gross. But anyways, I’m really not feeling so hot. After a few photos I asked the Mr. if there was at least one good one in there, since it kinda hurts my brain to smile at the moment haha! Lovely, lovely sinus pressure.

I originally got dressed to go to my friend’s Roller Derby bout, but decided to bail last minute due to this headache. 🙁

Since I can’t leave a blog post on a downer note, here’s a totally UN-photoshopped photo of a sunset over my house that I took a few days ago…

Pretty beautiful huh?

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far! I’m off to find some NSAIDs. STAT.