Completed: Taffy

April 29, 2012

The latest Sew Colette garment is the Taffy Blouse, and here’s mine! I had every intention of using actual blouse fabric, but then decided to shop my own stash instead. I originally bought this fabric to make circle scarves, but didn’t realize until after I got home that it’s licensed for personal use only. Oops! So here I am wearing more quilting cotton as per usual. One of these days I’ll branch out, I promise! (maybe.) Cotton IS the fabric of my life.

I made a ton of polka dot bias tape to go around the collar and sleeves, but when I got it on the collar it looked terrible. The dots were spread too far apart so you couldn’t even see them on some parts. It looked crooked and weird. So I decided to turn the bias tape on the collar under one more time so it’s more of a bias facing instead of binding. As for the sleeves, I used a fancy stitch on my fancy pants sewing machine and then cut out around all the little scallops. Which took me no less than forever to accomplish. But I think it was worth it, no?

The rest of these pictures are totally just for my own amusement 😉 Thank you Darling for amusing me as per usual. You’re getting much better at taking photos <3

Lucille loves the giant Flamenco dancer sleeves! She’s so freaking cute.

No I did not make my skirt, though one of my goals is to make a high waisted pencil skirt very similar to it. Add that to my summer sewing list! I did make my little matching hair bow though. If you couldn’t tell 😉

I hope you’re having an amazing weekend! I should have my laptop’s life cord back Tuesday so I won’t have to randomly commandeer other computers, and I can get back to more frequent blog posts.