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In my spare time…

April 9, 2012

When I’m not wearing fancy dresses to work, I’m most definitely wearing sweat pants. I don’t really have a grey area of clothing. It’s either dresses or sweat pants. That’s it. But there’s a good reason why…

Hiking! You can’t hike in a dress. Not very practically anyways, and I do a lot of hiking in my spare time. It’s one of my favorite things.

Guess who else loves hiking?!

Yeah. BIG TIME. It’s her second favorite thing next to snuggling. We did a quick two mile hike today and she wasn’t even close to tired. She could hike all day!

Over the winter I read about this cool cabin, and put it on my list of things to find as soon as the weather was nice enough. Today was the day! Mid 40 degrees and cloudy. Which is actually great hiking weather because you won’t get too hot.

Well we did find the cabin, but I couldn’t take many pictures because we caught up to another couple with their dogs, who had the exact same destination in mind. Only they got there first. They pretty much went straight into the cabin and shut the door. It was a little awkward. But whatever. There’s always next time I suppose. I definitely want to see the inside.

So back down the mountain we went!

It’s a little trickier navigating the way down. Especially with the help of gravity and a mighty little dog who could easily sprint back down the mountain and not even lose her breath. Wish I could say the same! I have terrible cardiovascular endurance for someone of my size. Either that, or I’ve developed adult asthma. I should probably look into that…

When we got to the bottom, I insisted that Lucille and I check out the little information booth. Lucille was interested at first, but then wanted nothing to do with my bright idea.

I love the look on her face! Haha!

Lucille: “Mom, I know you’re going to pick me up and put me in there. Please. Don’t make me do it. It’s not that cool of an idea…”

Me: “Nonsense Lucille! It will be so awesome! Just wait and see.”

Me laughing histerically: “Hahaha see isn’t this so awesome Lucille?! I told you it would be awesome!!”

Lucille sarcastically: “Yeah. So awesome.”



Well I had a good time at least 😉

Pssh. No dogs allowed my foot!

Back to the grind tomorrow. Which reminds me, I need to wash some dresses so I don’t end up wearing sweat pants to work.

p.s. we aren’t actually trespassing or breaking any laws despite the signs. No dogs are allowed when the ski resort is still open, which it is not. But I bet some of you thought I was a real “B.A.” for a minute there…