Indie Craft Fairs

April 17, 2012

Hi there! Anyone in the Burlington, Vermont area should really check out the Queen City Craft Bazaar on May 12th! I went as a spectator this past Fall, and it was so awesome! The Spring 2012 edition will be even more awesome because it has a whole slew of new vendors (myself included!) as well as some loyal favorites.

A reader had previously asked how I found out about this fair, and how to seek out fairs such as this in their own area (sorry for not commenting you back on this topic, I meant to!).

I am still fairly new to Vermont, so when I found out I was relocating, I simply did a Google search to see what was in my area! Vermont in general has a HUGE artisan/handmade community. It’s something Vermont takes great pride in. So there’s an abundance of craft fairs, trade shows, artisan guilds, and farmers markets to take part in. A lot of cities are jumping on the “indie” fair band wagon, and opening up a targeted market to crafters who make fun things that don’t include high end artisan pottery or soaps. (Not that I have any thing against those kinds of crafts of course!)

So where do you start? I literally just google’d “indie craft fairs” and the first search result that came up was The Indie Craft Show Directory. Perfect! Here are some others…

BUST magazine puts on a “Crafttacular” in NYC

Renegade Handmade craft fairs are popping up all over America as well as the UK!

Here are some more fairs across the globe to check out on the Hello Craft website!

Indie craft fairs are out there. You just need to do a little investigating!
Check locally first. You might be surprised to find out that your library or fabric shop has a mini holiday fair coming up!


Well, hopefully this was relevant and helpful to some of you 🙂 I’d be happy to share more information about the application process and things like that if you’re interested. And I will certainly be sharing my experience after May 12th, since this is my first larger fair!


p.s. tomorrow is my day off so I plan on putting together a belt tutorial, as seen on my Truffle Dress, as requested!