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Palette Challenge: Moodboard

This is my first time participating in the Colette Palette Challenge and I’m pretty excited. I really love doing sew-alongs and challenges because it keeps me motivated and on task. I need that with sewing sometimes. (Don’t we all.) I plan on making A LOT of sundresses…

I’m not usually all super WOoo Uhmerricuh!! patriotic and things, but the red-white-and-blue theme just screams summer to me. I’m sure the 4th of July has something to do with that, but so does red gingham, blue seersucker, and white dotted swiss! These are definitely all summer fabrics, and ones I can’t wait to get my hands on!

I had a lot of other color palettes in mind, but I can’t think in just solid colors. I’m inspired by fabrics and prints. So I decided to play it on the safe side and go for a color theme that I KNOW I can find these classic fabrics in.

This not only honors my American heritage, but my English, and French(Canadian) heritage as well 😉

Three cheers for the red, white, and blue!

(^^ I’m so lame lol.)

p.s. this is one of the those posts where I wish I could just be lazy and not credit any of the million photos I used for my mood board, but I can’t do that…

So here goes: (left to right, top to bottom etc.)
vintage sailor print
striped dress
sailor dress
engagement photoshoot
gingham dress
patriotic pitbull
Dita’s toile dress
polkadot scarf
highwaisted capris