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Completed: Licorice Dress

Here’s the LAST project in the Colette Handbook Sew-along: The Licorice Dress. To continue with the Palette Challenge, I chose traditional blue seersucker with red and white accents. I modified the pattern of course. Here’s the original…

As you can see, I chopped the sleeves quite a bit shorter and went for bias binding instead of elastic. I also traded the cowl collar for some more bias tape and ric-rac trim, and added some lace to lengthen the hemline a bit. I must be 4 inches taller than all of these models. All I could do was serg the hemline before top stiching the lace to it to try and keep as much length as possible! I’m not THAT tall, but all of the Colette dresses have been shorter than I prefer. Seriously! Look at where it hits on my knee vs the Colette model. I really should have added some more length. My knickers peek out when I sit down in the car for cryin’ out loud.

p.s. I totally look like I bought my dress out of an American Girl catalog lolz. Don’t care. I think this is my new favorite dress! And definitely my favorite Colette Handbook creation. (But in all seriousness, I want this dress.)

Oh! And I totally forgot to share my guest post on both Sarah and Erin’s blogs about how to modify the Licorice in other ways. Whoops! Sorry.

AND! If any of you fine ladies are looking to join in on a Sew-Along for the Hazel dress, I know when one is starting 😉 😉 

I’ll post more pics of my Licorice Dress soon. Hopefully ones that are a little less senior portrait…