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Completed: Licorice Dress

Here’s the LAST project in the Colette Handbook Sew-along: The Licorice Dress. To continue with the Palette Challenge, I chose traditional blue seersucker with red and white accents. I modified the pattern of course. Here’s the original…

As you can see, I chopped the sleeves quite a bit shorter and went for bias binding instead of elastic. I also traded the cowl collar for some more bias tape and ric-rac trim, and added some lace to lengthen the hemline a bit. I must be 4 inches taller than all of these models. All I could do was serg the hemline before top stiching the lace to it to try and keep as much length as possible! I’m not THAT tall, but all of the Colette dresses have been shorter than I prefer. Seriously! Look at where it hits on my knee vs the Colette model. I really should have added some more length. My knickers peek out when I sit down in the car for cryin’ out loud.

p.s. I totally look like I bought my dress out of an American Girl catalog lolz. Don’t care. I think this is my new favorite dress! And definitely my favorite Colette Handbook creation. (But in all seriousness, I want this dress.)

Oh! And I totally forgot to share my guest post on both Sarah and Erin’s blogs about how to modify the Licorice in other ways. Whoops! Sorry.

AND! If any of you fine ladies are looking to join in on a Sew-Along for the Hazel dress, I know when one is starting 😉 😉 

I’ll post more pics of my Licorice Dress soon. Hopefully ones that are a little less senior portrait…

  • love it!

  • celtic.seeker

    I love your version of the Licorice! I may actually make it now! Thank you

  • Julia Bobbin

    This is the best thing I have ever SEEN!

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    Lovely! I’ve never really been sure about the neck on the liquorice dress & your version inspires me to have a go myself.

    Your comments about the length of the skirt are interesting. How tall are you?

    • I’m 5’7″, which isn’t all that tall, so I’m not sure why I seem to have a tough time with hem lengths! I guess maybe my waist is higher than average? Not sure. You should totally give the Licorice dress a try sans collar and see how you like it! Make it your own 🙂 

  • Very cute as always. That American Girl link totally cracked me up. I had the Molly doll when I was kid. Anyway, I’m interested in a Hazel sew-along. Let me know!

    • I had Felicity! I think the American Girl dolls are super awesome toys for girls. They encourage reading and learning about history. Very important in my book! I will certainly let you know about the sew-along!! 🙂

  • I loves, loves, loves!

  • Amanda Russell

    Wow, this rocks! Isn’t the Licorice the BEST?? It’s my favourite but it is sad that it’s the last – I’ve loved this sewalong 🙂 I’m 5’9″ but have had to shorten almost every one of these projects… isn’t that funny how you’ve had the opposite? LOL

    Your mods are always so perfect for you – I really love the lace and ribbon at the hem in particular – so pretty! You should totally make that American Girl dress!! – haha, i had to LOL cause I clicked on the link and expected to see something totally different; or at least taller 😛

    Oh and TOTALLY interested in the Hazel sewalong… keep the fun going I say!! 😀

    • Thanks!! You’re so sweet 🙂 Yeah I guess I’m an old timer when it comes to hemlines! I can’t help it, I just always have been. This is the shortest dress I own and I have to say, my boyfriend is not complaining haha! I think I could make dressing like a doll my thing LOL that’s not creepy right?

      I’ll keep you posted on the Hazel sew along for sure! It’s coming up quick!

      • Amanda Russell

        Oh you’re not an old timer at ALL!! The length of this dress on you is just a little shorter than what I usually aim for as well – it’s flattering without being tarty LOL – I couldn’t wear a dress or skirt that I’d be worried about bending over in! LMAO!

        I don’t think it’s creepy; in fact, dressing like a doll is pretty popular in certain circles, especially in Japan – if you’ve never checked out Lolita sites/blogs, you should have a look around – some of them are incredibly detail oriented and pretty 🙂

        • I totally agree with you on the bending over bit! I work in a college town, so I’ve seen some shoooorrrt hem lines walking around the streets. Yikes! 
          I almost forgot about the Lolita movement! (movement?) Yeah, way cute stuff going on there 🙂 

  • sallieforrer

    I always love the modifications you make to these colette patterns to really make them your own. This one might be my favorite yet (but I think I say that about each new one 😉 ) but I just really love all the sweet little trims and the seersucker.

    • Thanks, Dear 🙂 I think this one is my favorite too! I like to cram as many notions onto a project as possible. Sometimes it really comes together. I think I got lucky on this one 😉

  • This is just great and fantastic modifications. 

  • Liz Alexandre

    This dress is great.  I previously didn’t like the dress, particularly the blue one in the book looks a bit frumpy, but your version is great.  I am not sure the style will suit me, I am perhaps a bit curvy for it to do me any favours.  After seeing yours I might do a muslin and play with the design a bit.  Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I’m so happy to have inspired you! I find the Colette patterns to be very flattering for curvy women. You may just end up with a new favorite dress! 

  • Scruffybadger

    Wow, what a stunning version – Ilove the fabric choice & trimmings. Thaks for tip re length, Im a shortie yet I’ve found the Rooibos shorter than I expected – worth remembering for other makes. But, this, a Licorice? I wouldn’t have guessed…you’ve really highlighted the lovely shape of it….perfect!

    • Thank you! Yeah I suppose this is no longer a Licorice is it. I was joking that it looks like a uniform for a retro Pop-corn slinger at the circus lol! 

  • Rhonda

    love your modifications … seersucker, buttons, ric rac… all my faves in one hit. this is the best on you out of all the colette book outfits, in my opinion. and of course Lucille is looking super cute and kissable, as always 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Lucille has plenty of cuteness and kisses to share 🙂

  • Love this!  As usual, you have an absolutely adorable dress!  Love your mods!  And Lucille looks beautiful in this pic– so proud to be wearing her plaid harness!

    • Thank you! I’m so happy Lucille has fans 🙂

  • So cute!  I’m also not a fan of the licorice without mods, but you made it awesome.  I’d love a closeup of your ric rac…did you just tuck it into the bias tape?  I love how it looks.


    • New close up photos have been posted just for you 😉 Yes, I tucked the ric-rac into the bias tape before top stitching it down. I think it’s a neat effect! 

      •  Thank you!  Do you mean the ones on your new post, or are there others? 

  • Another great dress!  I really like the ric rac trim.  And a Hazel sew along sounds fun!

  • wow you are so talented! i love the pretty neckline and cuffs with the red accent.

  • I looove that dress, it looks great! And Lucille is just precious. 🙂

    • Thanks Darlin! It’s a good thing Lucille doesn’t know she has so many adoring fans or else her little doggy ego would just overflow! She’s already such a ham 🙂

  • FUTUREnakano (Kate)

    Such a CUTE version of the Licorice dress! All the details are just lovely!

    • Thank you! Sometimes I wonder if all the bells and whistles are worth the effort, but this time I’m happy to have put in the time 🙂

  • sewinsteady

    girl, this is too cute. also? your hair.  🙂

  • Houseofpinheiro

    stunning modifications. If didn’t like that dress before but your changes made it appeal to me. Im also very tall (6’1) and everyone asks me if I chopped my meringue and I say No, its just that I am too tall. lol 

    • Thank you! I figure why put time and money into a dress I won’t wear? It’s not technically a Licorice anymore, but I’ll definitely wear it!! 
      I’m only 5’7″, but my meringue and ginger skirt both fall much shorter on me than on others. I think maybe my waist is higher than normal? I’m not sure, but I do feel like I have to micro hem a lot of stuff that I make! 

  • It looks wonderful! The color, accents, and style go perfectly with your palette. The length doesn’t seem short at all. You definitely don’t look “fast” as my mom used to say 🙂

    • Thanks! I want to make a gingham dress, and a toile dress to complete the palette challenge. I don’t feel like the length is “fast” short lol, but it’s a bit shorter than I usually like. Still wearable though 🙂