Completed: Hazel Muslin

June 10, 2012

My Hazel muslin is complete! I wore it out all day today to get a good gauge of how it fits. It’s very wearable, but needs a few adjustments. The bodice puckers a bit along the chest, so I’m going to take in the V-seam instead of the side seam on my final Hazel.

I shortened the zipper from 22 inches, down to 16. Twenty two inches is waaaay too long for this dress. I also noticed the bodice fits me more like an empire waist, instead of falling near my natural waist. I may try to lengthen the bodice by a good 3 inches or so and see if I like that better.

I cut out a size zero, but left the skirt length at size 18. After hemming it up an inch, I’m really happy with the length. I’m trying to ease into shorter lengths. Grandma’s probably wear shorter hem lengths than I do most of the time.

The dress definitely passed the jump test. What’s the jump test? …it’s not a real thing. I just got jealous of William’s super sweet jump, so I had to do it too!

Speaking of Liam, can I just point out how much of a dream boat nerd he is?

Somebody get this guy in a year book. Epic senior portrait action going on here.

…and a hangy plant mustache. Just because I can.

I crack myself up.

So. Here are the alterations I made to my muslin:
-16 inch zipper instead of 22
-top stitched shoulder straps
-added length (size 18 length)
-took in 1/2 inch from each bodice side seam

What I need to do for the final Hazel:
-work on bodice fit
-add length to bodice so it hits closer to my natural waist
-take in V-seam instead of the side seam
-buy a 16 inch zipper so I don’t have to cut my 22in one
-adjust strap placement

The strap placement isn’t quite right. They bunch up all weird. I got very close to an over all ideal fit though so hopefully the final attempt will be spot on! We snapped these photos before seeing Prometheus, (which was totally awesome by the way) and the dress was comfortable to sit in the whole time. However, the bodice does get a little tight when I sit down because it rides up so high. Looking at Colette’s photos, I feel like the bodice should fit closer at the waist line. I must have a loooong torso.

I hope everyone’s Hazel muslins are coming along just as well! Here’s the schedule again:

-The Hazel Schedule-
Monday, June 4th: The Muslin
Monday, June 11th: Fit Techniques
Monday, June 18th: Fabulous Fabrics
Monday, June 25th: Sewing Hazel
Monday, July 9th: Hazel Parade

We’re going to be starting the vote for the second Sew Colette project soon so there will be plenty of time to order your patterns!

Stay tuned 🙂