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Completed: Hazel Muslin

My Hazel muslin is complete! I wore it out all day today to get a good gauge of how it fits. It’s very wearable, but needs a few adjustments. The bodice puckers a bit along the chest, so I’m going to take in the V-seam instead of the side seam on my final Hazel.

I shortened the zipper from 22 inches, down to 16. Twenty two inches is waaaay too long for this dress. I also noticed the bodice fits me more like an empire waist, instead of falling near my natural waist. I may try to lengthen the bodice by a good 3 inches or so and see if I like that better.

I cut out a size zero, but left the skirt length at size 18. After hemming it up an inch, I’m really happy with the length. I’m trying to ease into shorter lengths. Grandma’s probably wear shorter hem lengths than I do most of the time.

The dress definitely passed the jump test. What’s the jump test? …it’s not a real thing. I just got jealous of William’s super sweet jump, so I had to do it too!

Speaking of Liam, can I just point out how much of a dream boat nerd he is?

Somebody get this guy in a year book. Epic senior portrait action going on here.

…and a hangy plant mustache. Just because I can.

I crack myself up.

So. Here are the alterations I made to my muslin:
-16 inch zipper instead of 22
-top stitched shoulder straps
-added length (size 18 length)
-took in 1/2 inch from each bodice side seam

What I need to do for the final Hazel:
-work on bodice fit
-add length to bodice so it hits closer to my natural waist
-take in V-seam instead of the side seam
-buy a 16 inch zipper so I don’t have to cut my 22in one
-adjust strap placement

The strap placement isn’t quite right. They bunch up all weird. I got very close to an over all ideal fit though so hopefully the final attempt will be spot on! We snapped these photos before seeing Prometheus, (which was totally awesome by the way) and the dress was comfortable to sit in the whole time. However, the bodice does get a little tight when I sit down because it rides up so high. Looking at Colette’s photos, I feel like the bodice should fit closer at the waist line. I must have a loooong torso.

I hope everyone’s Hazel muslins are coming along just as well! Here’s the schedule again:

-TheΒ HazelΒ Schedule-
Monday, June 4th: The Muslin
Monday, June 11th: Fit Techniques
Monday, June 18th: Fabulous Fabrics
Monday, June 25th: Sewing Hazel
Monday, July 9th: Hazel Parade

We’re going to be starting the vote for the second Sew Colette project soon so there will be plenty of time to order your patterns!

Stay tuned πŸ™‚

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  • Ha, that is totally the same fabric I used for my vintage dress! Except I think where your leaves are green mine are a lighter blue. Awesome! By the way, just finding your blog now, love it. Thanks for the comment that led me here! πŸ™‚

    • Yes I think I may have even seen a purple colorway at one point. It’s a really fun fabric! Thank YOU for taking the time to comment back πŸ™‚

  • Lizzy

    You know what? I think I’m done. I had earlier made a Hazel muslin, I’ve made a second – after a lengthy war with striped fabric and some pattern modifications, I think I need a Hazel vacation. I love my second Hazel enough not to make a third ( yes I am revoltingly smug) Although I have a great idea for number 3 I’m going to tackle another pattern in my stash. She will be waiting for me. She knows I’ve ‘got her number’. I reckon I won this round with Hazel , I will post soon! Just need to take decent pictures.
    Btw I’m a size 0 and had to move the straps in a mile and not put them in at such an angle.

    • Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! I technically could call my muslin a finished Hazel, but I bought fabric specifically for the final one so I should probably use it. I can’t wait to see your photos in the flickr pool! πŸ™‚

  • Sassy Tina

    Great dress but love the jumping in the air pics lol

  • Amanda Russell

    Wow, I hope my finished Hazel looks as good as your muslin! You look adorable, and I love that print on you! πŸ™‚ I have to do an FBA on mine so I’ve gotta figure that out first but even if I’m late, I’m still in on the sewalong! πŸ™‚

    • Aww thank you πŸ™‚ I’m sure your dress will be amazing! Did you see Sarah’s post on how to do a FBA for Hazel? Great resource!

      • Amanda Russell

        Yes, I saw, thanks! I believe she says to make the adjustment to the front piece and then if it still needs room, adjust the sides accordingly? I’m pretty sure I get the jist, but I’m a very visual person so I may make a photo step-by-step of this when I do it in case anyone else decides to attempt this adjustment LOL.

  • Hi there! I’m not sure why I didn’t start following you sooner–you have they cutest most creative outfits ever! I’m joining in on Hazel, and I’ve found myself shortening bodices more often then not, so I’m curious to see how the waist line hits on me. I’m a tad behind, just got my pattern. So hopefully this weekend I can catch up on fit!

    • Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ I have word from Sarai that the Hazel bodice IS actually supposed to hit a little higher on the waist than normal, so you probably won’t need to make any adjustments after all. I’m sure you’ll be able to catch up. I’m excited to see your finished dress!

  • I think a lot of folks are having trouble with the waist length/straps–even the model on the web site’s dress seems shortwaisted, and the straps seem to be veering wide on/off her shoulders.

    • Hmm, maybe that’s the correct cut and fit for the dress then. Well that’s easy for the final version. No changes to make! πŸ™‚

      • I think it might be the intended fit for the bodice? Who knows. I am rather longwaisted and things often end up hitting me that way anyhow, so maybe I’m just accepting of it as an option even though it shouldn’t be? I definitely thought the sample one looked that way! The straps, though, are driving me nuuuts.

        • Sarai says the bodice IS supposed to have a higher rise than normal, so at least we wont have to make any adjustments there. But I agree with you on the straps! I’m almost tempted to turn mine into a halter πŸ™‚


            -cut and sewed in the skirt on my first-attempt Hazel last night and wanted to say thanks for the heads-up on the skirt length; I cut it to the full size-18 length too and am glad of it.
            -Criscrossing the straps in back? I’ve cut mine a couple inches long so I can play around with doing that. It’d at least, like, angle them a little farther onto the shoulder.

          • shee-it, I double posted. I don’t understand Disqus. is there not a way to just delete this ish? Sorry, either way.

  • Your muslin looks smashing! I’m a fan of the grandma hem… heh I can’t believe I just said that. Anyhow… I thinnk I only have 1 skirt that shows off my knees; everything else is sans knee. heh

    • Thank you! Yeah I have shy knees. Knobby ones at that. I suppose I should let them see the sun every once in awhile though haha πŸ™‚

  • Liz

    awesome fabric! i had to move the straps too. i am incredibly short-waisted, yet the waist on this seems to ride slightly above my natural waist. that’s a first. and amen on the shorter zipper–i feel like even a 14-inch wouldn’t be too short, though if you lengthen the bodice, there’s that.

    • Thanks! I got it at Joann’s soooo long ago. It was about time I actually used it for something! It seems like the high rise waist line is how it’s supposed to fit. That seems to be the general consensus anyways. 14 inch zipper might be sufficient too. Thanks for the tip πŸ™‚

  • What a fabulous dress!!!

  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    I’m all about longer hems too! xo

  • Gillian Whitcombe

    Your pictures are so fun! Looks like a lovely day to prance around in a new dress! πŸ™‚

  • you are both too cute for words. and i love your response (and your hair) “it gets bought.” !!! the “muslin” is amazing. i like the high waistline!

    • Haha it sure does! It gets bought A LOT lol. Wigs are like shoes I tell ya. I’m wearing my Hazel again today (no shame) and the waist line is growing on me. I might not fuss with that part after all!

  • So cute! (I also repeat the hair love, you look darling with short hair). I can’t wait to see the final version.

  • maddie

    The dress is turning out so well but I can’t help but question if you got a haircut? Somehow I remember you with longer hair. If you did, it looks grand!

    • Thank you! My hair doesn’t get cut lol. It gets bought πŸ˜‰ Its this one, ( I have it pinned up in the back so it looks even shorter. I really like it pinned though! I might attempt to cut it that short.

      • maddie

        oh wow! I never knew! If you decide to cut your hair short, we both now know that it will look awesome!

  • Oh HI LIAM. He kind of looks like John Cusack in those pictures.

    • Hahaha he totally does. I think some one else has told him that before actually. I’m okay with it. He’s totally hot in Better Off Dead. …that was John Cusack right?

  • SuchaStrangeGirl

    I love your pictures πŸ™‚ I do have a long torso and I found mine sits higher than my natural waist…I felt like I was pulling it down all day. I was considering adding about a half an inch wo my finished dress. Still, the dress really does look fantastic as is!

    • Thank you! Yeah I really think the Hazel would make a fantastic maternity dress! …buuuut I’m not pregnant so I’m going to add some length in hopes of accentuating that fact lol

  • Izabelle

    You are too cute. I actually have to start sewing myself a birthday dress!

    • Thanks πŸ˜‰ You better start! I want to see it!!

  • Neeno

    What a darling muslin!!! Looks so good!!! And the boy is def a dreamboat πŸ˜€

    • Thank you! He totally is πŸ™‚ All aboard the S.S. Supernerd! …wait did that sound bad? lol

  • Very cute!! Even with the empire waist thing happening it looks pretty good! It’s one of those things that you notice as a seamstress but if you didn’t tell people, they would be none the wiser.
    The fabric is awesome too – being lovers of green, I think you knew I’d say that ;-P

    • Thanks! This fabric is actually from Joann’s and has been in my stash forrreeevvver. I think they keep re-printing it, so if you super love it you should try to find it πŸ™‚

  • It looks so awesome! I just love it. I can’t speak to any of the technical aspects of the sewing sooo yay! Is all I will say. πŸ™‚

  • Oh, I had the same thing with the bodice length– it’s riding high on me, which isn’t an adjustment I have to make very often. I’m sort of dreading lengthening it… I guess we have to slash and spread allll the pieces an equal amount (bodice front, bodice side, two back bodice pieces)?

    • I hear the high bodice issue is a common one. Yeah that’s A LOT of pieces to lengthen, but I’m really trying to work on my pattern fitting so I’m going to give it a try. Hopefully it will be worth it!