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Dress on a whim

I woke up this morning and wanted a new dress to wear. So naturally I just made one! Usually I don’t like to leave projects half finished before starting a new one, but I really wanted a new dress. (Sorry Hazel, you’ll just have to wait!)

I used New Look pattern 6022, but put my own twist on it by adding pockets and not following the sewing instructions. (Ha! What else is new…)

I bought this pattern because there were no buttons, no zippers, and no interfacing involved! I wanted something I could just pull over my head and be done with it. Technically this pattern is supposed to have a key hole at the back neck, but who needs that? Not me!

I sewed up the back, sans the key hole (the neck opening is plenty wide enough with out it), and added my own pockets using the piece from my Hazel muslin. I ended up cutting out the smallest size because this dress has a whopping 6.5 inches of ease!! If I had more fabric, I would have cut the back piece on the fold and not had an unnecessary seam there. But alas, I was trying to stash bust and therefor had to cut the back as instructed.

This dress is super comfy, but somehow the front piece is wider than the back pieces, so the pockets take me a second to find. I’m not sure if this is something I did, or if this is just one of those weird patterns. I might know if I actually looked at the directions…

Oh hey, pack of bias tape and 2 yards of fabric from my stash: BUSTED! I’m really trying to whittle down my “OMGz Joann’s is having a sale!” fabric/notions. …I have a lot of it.

I always like to take my newest sewing creations for a walk to see how they wear. Of course Lucille has to come along too!

She likes to stop and smell the flowers. We all should do more of that I think 🙂


What did you do/make this weekend?