Final Hazel – Moodboard

June 14, 2012

Now that I’ve finished my muslin, I’m starting to plan for my final version of Hazel. I like to make mini mood boards in order gather inspiration and sort of collect my ideas in one place. Colette posted a great tutorial on how you can make your own mood boards, here. Did you see Erin’s? Way cute!

I use Photoshop to make my mood boards. Does anyone have an interest in a step by step Photoshop mood board tutorial? Let me know!

I think Hazel is the prefect dress to try the mixed gingham effect, don’t you think? I bought two different sizes of red gingham and plan to use the two on the bodice. I’m thinking I may do the bigger print in the front and skirt, and the little print on the sides and straps. I’m also tempted to use the facing as a collar like I did on my Pastille dress! I’m also tempted to sneak some embroidery in there somewhere. Hmmm.

Oh, before I forget, I have official word from Sarai that the Hazel bodice IS supposed to fit a tad on the high side. Above the natural waist, but not quite an Empire style is the correct fit. Good news for those of us who thought we’d have to lengthen the bodice!

Be sure to check out Sarah’s blog for some excellent tips on Small/Full Bust Adjustments for the bodice.

Next time I’ll share some ideas for some “Extra Credit” mods to make to your final Hazel’s.

It’s almost Friday!! Yay!

-The Hazel Schedule-
Monday, June 4th: The Muslin
Monday, June 11th: Fit Techniques
Monday, June 18th: Fabulous Fabrics
Monday, June 25th: Sewing Hazel
Monday, July 9th: Hazel Parade


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