Inspired by Game of Thrones

July 27, 2012

It’s no secret that I’m mildly totally obsessed with Game of Thrones. The TV show is based off of a book series called A Song Of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin. I’m on book five of the series and it’s fantastic! It’s a series worth reading if you’re a super nerd, such as I, who’s in to medieval fantasy novels.

It’s awesome to watch a favorite book series come to life as a TV show. For me, it’s especially awesome for one thing: the costumes! Designer Michele Clapton is a visiual genius and did an incredible job of bringing the books to life in material form. Her Emmy nomination was well deserved.

But anyways, to get to the point here, I seriously want to make a wearable everyday dress inspired by the inhabitants of Winterfell! More specifically, a dress inspired by Sansa and Catelyn Stark.

I’m absolutely in love with the knotted linen and high gathered neck lines.

One of the best things about being able to sew, is having the ability to see something and say “I’m going to make that!”. And I’m not the only one. Fashion Designer Helmut Lang openly admits his recent collection was inspired by Game of Thrones.

I just love how all of the northern costumes look so cozy and worn in. I’m not exactly sure what my plan is to recreate a dress like this, but I definitely bought some teal linen and natural colored gauze fabric already!

What TV shows inspire your sewing?


(photos found at fanpop)