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Self Drafted Tunic

August 7, 2012

I made a tunic! This one is special because it’s my first self drafted garment pattern. Well, self drafted in the sense that I made it myself based on a tank top pattern and my favorite shirt. If you follow Lucille and I on instagram, you saw this pattern in the making, as well as a few sneak peek shots. Now it’s completed and I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself.

I bought this fabric a few months ago and never ended up using it for the project I had in mind. I took a bit of a risk using it for a tunic because, lets face it, large circular prints can be terribly unflattering if they happen to fall oddly on the chest area. Eh-hem. Uhhh… yeah. So I took extra care to try to line up the circles so they didn’t look like targets on my upper anatomical quadrant. I think I did well.

The shirt that inspired me to make this tunic has a super cute little button tab thingy to hike up the sides as seen above. I did my best to recreate it, and I love the way it turned out. I really like wearing menswear inspired button up shirts with leggings, but a lot of the shirts don’t cover your bum. This is a problem for me since I’m a modest goody two shoes and I don’t like my spandex clad bum to be out there for all to see. So I definitely added some length when tracing the original shirt.

I made my own matching bias tape with my magical auto bias tape maker, which some of you seemed to be blown away by! Honestly I still am every time I use it. I just push the start button and chuckle to myself as the magical bias tape making gnomes who live inside the contraption do their thing. It’s pretty awesome.

I don’t know why all of the fabric I’m attracted to looks like it should be the dust ruffle on an 8 year old’s bed. …whatever I guess.

I had been taking Lucille on shorter walks while her little legs were healing up after her recent “incident“, but now that she’s feeling better she’s been raring to go! Thank you again to everyone who shared sweet words of concern for her. It really helped me get through it. This fuzzy goober face is my baby and it was really hard for me to experience that with her, even though she wasn’t badly hurt. But, the whole thing is behind us now and we’re moving forward! The kid is alright.

other outfit details
shoes: modcloth (no longer on site)
hair: bedhead by forever young
tunic: self drafted. obviously.
leggings: old navy


Now, those who are participating in the Macaron Sew along are probably wondering why I made this tunic and not my muslin. And the answer is (shamfully) I don’t have my pattern yet!! I know, I know. I’m the worst co-host ever! But honestly, the reason why Sarah, Erin, and I decided on the bi-monthly/super low key schedule is for exactly reasons like this. Life happens, right?

Anyways, this new tunic pattern of mine needs a name!! Right? It totally needs a name. What should I name it??

Rochelle & Lucille