We’re Still Here!!

August 27, 2012

I need to apologize for my absence of late. I never meant for my presence in Sew Colette to suffer, but it definitely has and I feel terrible about it.

The past two months have been insane with working, moving, being a camp counselor, trying to get my small business going, battling sickness, AND making room for my brother who is newly employed in Vermont (so proud of him!!!). He’ll be staying with us for a few months until he can find his own place, so that means my craft room has been sacrficed. Yeah, I know. I love my family an awful lot!! I was going to post a photo of what my sewing space looks like now so you all can take pity on me, but honestly it’s just shameful. I have stuff EVERYWHERE between the spare room and the dining room which I have commandeered for the time being. It’s a disaster, you guys! I try to always keep a positive outlook on everything but lately the stress has gotten to me a little more than I like to admit.

BUT! The good news is I have my Macaron pattern cut out and the fabric ready to go so I will be finishing the sew along at least. I’ve been majorly behind with my share of the tutorials and guests posts, and again, I’m truly sorry for that. I’ll try to make up for it!

In the mean time I hope everyone has been checking in with Sarah and Erin for some excellent Macaron posts!


I WILL be back!