Colette Macaron Dress

September 9, 2012

Well, I finally finished the latest Sew Colette project. The Colette Macaron Dress is probably the most difficult dress I’ve sewn thus far, but I really love the way it turned out.

The whole invisible side zipper thing really scared the crap outta me. Mostly because I’ve never done one before, and the mechanics of how and why still don’t make sense in my mind. I found myself trying to scheme up ridiculous ways to avoid doing it, but in the end I was freaking out for nothing. I really underestimated my sewing skill on this one. I got it on the first try like a boss.

I definitely forgot to mark WHERE exactly the zipper is supposed to start and end, so I just kinda made it up. It worked though! Miraculously. The sewing gods really need to stop rewarding me for not following directions. It’s just making me lazier.

I wanted to do something a little different with my Macaron, so I made the bodice all one color. I was going for more of a skirt/shirt effect instead of a ‘shirt under tube dress look’ as intended. I didn’t want to lose the sweetheart bodice detail though so I trimmed it with some baby pom fringe.

I skipped the pleats on the skirt, since it made the plaid look all wonky, and opted for gathers instead. And reversely, I added a little pleat to the sleeve instead of easing them in. I love the shape of the sleeve with the indent detail on the hem, but they turned out kind of large and sticky-outty on me. …that’s probably because, again, I was lazy and just “forgot” to transfer all the sleeve markings. Because of this, I’m 99% positive there are two of the same sleeve instead of one left and one right. Haha! Whoops! You won’t tell anyone, right?

William and I accidentally crashed a turkey party to take these photos. Yeah that’s a flock of annoyed gobblers on the left. We kind of interrupted their luncheon. My bad. Also, I’m totally obsessed with the band Old Crow Medicine Show right now! They’re so good!

Did I mention this was a total stash bust project? Yep! The aqua cotton, the plaid flannel, the pom fringe, and the double fold bias tape on the hem were already living in my sewing room! The only things I went out and bought were the zipper, and the single fold bias tape for the neckline. Who needs facings when bias tape is available!? Not this girl! I did end up cutting the neckline a little deeper so it wasn’t so tight. I don’t like strangle-y clothes. …I doubt anyone does.

Welp. That’s a wrap on the Macaron Sew Along! I’m excited to start the Peony next, though I’m already dreaming of making one in a stretch knit. Zippers are the devil’s notion.  Zippers and interfacing!

Hope you’re having a splendid Sunday!

p.s. for those who are upset Lucille was not featured in this post…
 You’re welcome 🙂