Current Muse – Ragamuffin

September 4, 2012

I wish I lived in Scotland! Why?

Ragamuffin Boutique!

Ragamuffin is a clothing and knitwear brand/boutique out of Scotland and I am majorly inspired by them. How could you not be? Ragamuffin really does a fantastic job of mixing textures and shapes. Everything is billowy, but structured. Feminine, but rugged. It’s very unique!

Their styling is totally original and seriously amazing. I snagged these photos from their facebook page which, by the way, you should definitely check out!

I’m head over heals for the green skirt shown above! I really want to try and make one similar to it. It’s so good. If you know of more brands or style bloggers like this, please direct me to them! I need to see more!

In the mean time I’ll just be dreaming of a trip to Edinburgh to see these amazing outfits in person!