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Nani Iro Lap Blanket

September 7, 2012

One of the things I love most about my day job is how often I get to sew at work. And sew with lovely fabrics I might add. These Nani Iro “lap duvet” blankets as seen on the Purl Bee blog have been really popular at Nido’s snack and sew nights because they’re so darn easy to make!

My co-worker Stephanie and I both decided to give these blankets a try. Stephanie is an extremely talented knitter but a beginner sewist, and I just loves me an instant gratification sewing project! So these were definitely perfect projects for us.  (Her blanket is on the right. Great job, Stephanie!!)

Anyone who hasn’t sewn with Nani Iro cotton double gauze is really missing out! Not only are the prints amazing, but this stuff is so soft. These fabrics are a great way to make such a simple project really gift worthy. I may just have to gift one for myself! Or steal the one I made for the shop 😉

When I said this project was easy, I wasn’t kidding. You literally just sandwich some batting in between the two fabrics and then machine tack or hand tie it together. I hand tied mine because I had never done it before and I wanted to make it up as I went along learn something new.

I used an older Nani Iro fabric backed with a solid shot cotton. I love that Stephanie picked a border print for hers! It looks so nice.

Well, I don’t know about you but I already want to make one for my house! …because I can’t actually steal the shop sample. That’s just wrong. …plus it would be really obvious that I “misplaced” it.


Happy Weekend!