nidos 3rd anniversary

September 21, 2012

On Sunday the 16th nido celebrated 3 years of business with food, fun, and lots of friends. I’ve only been with nido since January 2012, but I really feel like it’s my home away from home so it was a real pleasure to celebrate as one of the team.

Special guest Rae Hoekstra came and spoke a bit on her newest pattern, the washi dress, and the process involved with developing the pattern. That was a real treat for me since I’d love to get in to pattern making! She really thought every little detail through before finalizing the dress, including which direction the pleats should fold for the most flattering silhouette.

Each one of these dresses is a different variation of the washi! It’s so versatile. I LOVE Rae’s version with the peter pan collar. So cute!

That’s Phiona, the owner of nido, on the left and Rae on the right.

Did I mention there was epic food at this shindig? Yeah. I was stuffing my face with as many left overs as I could before we closed up for the night! Haha! Sooooo good!

It was an absolute mad house in the shop for awhile since there was a celebratory sale going on during the festivities. I was tripping over fabric bolts left and right!

I think this is the only photo out there that proves I was actually at this party lol. I was behind the camera for the majority of the night. I didn’t mind 🙂

Speaking of cameras, I still need to take better photos of my washi dress!! (Preferably without the noticeably bright white slip underneath. Way to keep it classy, me.) I really spent a lot of time free-hand embroidering the neckline and I like the way it turned out.

Happy Weekend, All!!