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Doggy Poop Bag Holders!

October 26, 2012

Introducing the latest Lucky Lucille item, the doggy poop bag holder!! I can’t tell you how many times Lucille and I have been about to head out for a walk when I check my pockets at the door and realize I have no poop bags. This might not be a huge deal to people with the luxury of their own yards, but when you share a community outdoor space, the fines for abandoning dog poop can be pretty hefty.

Rather than make Lucille wait in her harness while I scramble to try to find where we last left the bag roll, I decided nix that problem all together by just making a little bag holder that attaches right to her leash. Now I always know where they are, and they will always be with us on walks!

After making a prototype and getting an awesome response to them, I decided to make them to sell in my little online shop! Lucille, William, and I did some extensive field testing to make sure they were durable enough for a typical walk with us…

That included an actual poop test. How convenient is it to actually have poop bags attached to the leash when a poop commences?

Answer? VERY!

Do the bag holders get in the way of holding onto the leash? Nope!

 Do the bags fall out if they’re dragged on the ground? Nope!

Well how do they hold up to more intense walking activities like log jumping?!

Haha! Pretty well if you ask me 🙂

(if only Lucille could teach her dad a thing or two about grace!! lol)

Now, these poop bags holders are not meant to be dragged around on the ground for extensive periods of time. They’re not meant to be chewed on (I hope it’s obvious that plastic bags, ripped fabric, and small metal parts should NOT be chewed on or ingested by your pets!) These bag holders are also not meant to be pulled on or beaten up severely. They are made by machine, all of the seams are finished, but they are made of regular cotton fabric. Quality cotton, but cotton none the less.

BUT! Under normal walking circumstances they do their job, and they do it well!

In other news, I got my Lucille fabric in the mail the other day and promptly made a zipper pouch out of it! I decided it would be the perfect item to send, along with some other donations, for a Bully Breed benefit event taking place this weekend in Kansas City!

p.s. the bag holder I sent is the same fabric as mine, but not the same one Lucille dragged on the ground 😉 I sent a fresh one lol