Most Generous Gifts

October 18, 2012

Lucille and I came home from our hike today to find the most amazing surprise on the door step! Gina, from The Little General Fabric Boutique, sent me the most incredibly thoughtful gift ever! I met Gina via instagram and knew immediately she was a real sweetheart. She has a rescued Bully girl named Della who has the same coloring as Lucille! Bully Breed rescuers are definitely winners in my book. Not to mention The Little General looks like the most adorable fabric shop from what I’ve seen online. Gina contacted me recently and mentioned she wanted to send me a little something, but I was never expecting this!!

Gina spoiled me!! I love the Sundials print by Anna Maria Horner because it reminds me of candy 🙂 My jaw dropped when I realized how much yardage she sent me and I immediately forgot about my unfinished Peony as I started scheming my next project. I’m thinking a dress with some kind of contrasting collar out of the flamingo pink solid! Hmm… looks like a prime fabric for hair scarves too, though. Maybe I’ll just do both! I also had a little “squee!!” moment when I saw the Nightshade print by Tula Pink in there!! Gina hit the nail on the head when she mentioned it would make a great Halloween dress, and I have to agree! Great minds think alike after all 😉 I’m going to try my best to whip up at least a skirt out of it before I head to Salem, Massachusetts!

A gorgeous voile scarf kit and little Chapstick holder completes this seriously, seriously amazing present.  I swear I wouldn’t survive without my Chapstick so this little holder will now be a permanent part of my purse!

Gina also included a hand written note and one of her super adorable business cards! How freaking cute are they?! If I’m ever passing through North Carolina you better believe I’ll be making a stop at The Little General brick and mortar shop in Winston-Salem!

Gina, thank you SO MUCH! You seriously made my day 🙂