Nightshade Skirt

October 28, 2012

Hi there! I just got back from an awesome little trip to Salem, MA over the weekend. While I’m sad I didn’t finish my planned Ghastlies dress in time, I did get to wear my Halloween Peony Dress and this awesome skirt I just made.

This fabric is from Tula Pink’s collection called Nightshade and was gifted to me by the most wonderful Gina of The Little General! I LOVE this fabric!!

This skirt pattern was a recent thrift store find (vintage Simplicity 6522) and an absolute dream to sew up! I didn’t have to make a single alteration to the fit, which was a real breath of fresh air after all the trouble I had with Peony.

Of course we had to take a stroll through Salem’s oldest cemetery for some photos! Contrary to what you might gather from these shots, there was actually a straight up mob of people in all of historic Salem throughout the entire weekend. (Which was to be expected, of course.) I’m really impressed with how well Wil and I kept the hundreds of people out of frame!

I love taking photos in old cemeteries. The headstone designs are so ornate, the language is so different, and every single piece of artwork on the stone has a special meaning. Stones now-a-days are pretty boring in comparison.

After the cemetery we headed down to the Wharf to have some lunch!

The food was absolutely amazing which made it difficult to pull myself out of an impending food coma in time to get the car before heading to our scheduled tour at The House of Seven Gables. I was really aiming to eat my body weight in crustaceans over the course of the weekend but that didn’t happen. I did however ended up spilling tea on my skirt before we left (I’m blaming it on the near food coma), but luckily it didn’t stain. I’m chock full of grace and charm I tell ya.

I found these super amazing retro zombie tarot cards in the gift shop and couldn’t resist!! They’re so cool!

The quaint little garden plus a sea front property easily makes the House of Seven Gables one of my dream homes. …minus the tourists.

I love the yoke detail on the front! The mid-rise waist makes this skirt ridiculously comfortable and easy to wear. I think next time I make it I’ll try mixing prints for a contrast at the yoke and pocket linings.

Well I think this could easily be one of my “TNT” patterns that Sunni was mentioning last week. I guess I’ll have to make it a few more times and find out.


The real reason we went to Salem is to attend two crazy parties at the Hawthorne Hotel. I got a little crazy myself I must admit …I had THREE Shirley Temples. Yeah. I’m the life of the party I’ll tell ya 😉 I already posted a few photos on instagram of my costume from the second night, which I did not make, but it’s worth sharing anyways. It reaallllly makes me want to go back to school for costume design!!

How was your weekend?