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Updates Galore!

I got my Peony fabric!!! I went for the Ghastilies in grey since I just love the contrast so much. I also picked up this other adorable Halloween-esque fabric just because. …do I need another reason than that? Haha! I’m totally stalling on taping my Peony PDF pattern together though. So. Many. Pieces.

There’s a good reason for that stalling though…

So many new things are going on right now that I’m crazy excited to dive into! For starters, I decided to leave nido in order to go back to school and pursue Lucky Lucille full time! My last day was this past Saturday so this week I’m working on sewing like crazy, getting my online shop back up and running (why does web stuff always take WAY longer than you expect?!?), and applying for schools!

I’ve also been confirmed as a vendor for the Queen City Craft Fair again!! Wooo!! It’s a juried show, so even though I participated in the Spring 2012 fair, there was no guarantee I’d be accepted again. And! Since my online shop was down, and the photos I had were less than impressive, I was legitimately worried I wouldn’t be accepted back.

BUT! I got the official email yesterday! That really made my weekend 🙂

I think I finally got my zipper pouch design down after much trial and error. I never use commercial patterns for my Lucky Lucille brand items, they’re all imagined up by me. Which honestly takes way more time to figure out but I do like the satisfaction of coming to that eureka! moment all on my own.

I have a lot of zipper pouches and wallets to make! I’m also toying around with a pattern for a 1940’s inspired hooded scarf. Here’s an early prototype that Lucille so graciously offered to model 😉

Graciously offered? Yeah I forced it on her because I’m a bad mother haha! But seriously HOW CUTE IS SHE?!?!

So that’s about it for me lately. I had been putting off pursuing my Lucky Lucille brand stuff as a “real job” because I was happy at the fabric shop, but building a small company that’s owned and operated by me is a dream I just can’t shake. I’m even starting to lose sleep at night because I can’t stop scheming about it lol.

So off to business school I go!!! Online business school of course. I have zero desire to step foot on a college campus again lol. I’m too much of a hermit.

I will definitely be back this week with a completed Peony muslin to share! …hopefully. I just remembered how much paper taping I need to do haha!

Uhg, I better get to it!