Weekend Sewing Scores

October 15, 2012

Yesterday my friend Aubry and I had a super fun girls day filled with fabric shopping, thrift store scores, and lots of girl talk (well, animal talk mostly lol). We had a great time!

My first guilt free purchase of the day was the two awesome Alexander Henry cotton prints I scored at 30% off! I really didn’t have any definite sewing plans for them at the time, so I got 3 yards of each just to be safe.

After losing track of time in the fabric store we realized we were starving. So we grabbed some delicious cream of mushroom soup at a little health food grocery store conveniently located next to Goodwill. After many conversations about cats and our previous work experience at pet stores, we headed off for some thrifting.

Laughing at bad 80’s sweaters is all fun and games, but things quickly got serious when I found the boxes of vintage sewing patterns.

The 70’s era is definitely not my favorite as far as fashion goes, but I really couldn’t pass up these gems! Not only were these patterns in my size, (back when patterns only included one size per package!) but most of them weren’t even cut out!! IS THIS REAL LIFE?!

Vintage style undies are all the rage right now. So there’s no way I was leaving without this 1969 Dolores of St. Paul pattern, which was also completely untouched in the package.

My favorite find of the day was this 1974 skirt pattern! I think I now have a plan for the fabric I bought earlier 😉

I kind of giggled to myself when I realized I payed the same amount of money for these as they originally cost 40 years ago. How awesome is that!

I’d say that was a good day, wouldn’t you?