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Free Craftsy Course! is offering a FREE Tote Bag and Zipper Pouch Course right now! If you’ve never taken a course with Craftsy, this is the perfect opportunity to see what it’s all about. I already know how to make tote bags and zipper pouches, but I went through the course anyway to see if I could improve on my own technique. This class is definitely for beginners and walks you through every step of the construction process. Although I’m not a beginner sewist, I am definitely a visual learner, so I always benefit from watching video tutorials rather than reading a pictorial.

Yes I am an affiliate with Craftsy (because they’re amazing), but I am posting this on my own accord. I received the Craftsy Newsletter this morning and wanted to post this so no one misses out on a free class! You do have to sign up with Craftsy to get access to the videos and downloadable materials, but it’s free to sign up and their content does not expire once you download it. I absolutely love this feature because I have downloaded some classes, watched the videos, but not made the garments yet. No problem! They’ll still be there when I’m good and ready to get sewing 😉

Craftsy has courses in just about every craft related thing you could think of, including: quilting, jewelry, fiber arts, and artisan cheese making! I’m not going to lie, I totally want to make my own cheese all day every day. I think I’ll add that course to my wishlist haha!

Seriously though, take advantage of this free class!



  • I’m really enjoying the free courses that Craftsy is putting out! I joined the quilting one last winter, and even thought I haven’t sewn a single block, it’s fun to know the secrets of how they are made! 🙂

  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    Cheese?!?! I’m into that!

    I should take the class for the tote because I need more bags. Seriously! There is a plastic bag ban here, so if I go shopping I have to bring my own bags or pay for paper. No thanks, I’ll bring my own cute bag!

    • Wow I’m surprised Vermont doesn’t have a plastic bag ban!! I would totally be on board with that. I usually use paper anyways, but making your own shopping bags is way better 🙂 I think you’d find the course really helpful! I learned a neat trick to check the positioning of my boxed corners. And it’s free so you might as well check it out 🙂