Ruby Star Wrap Along Project

November 21, 2012

Today I’m sharing my project for the Ruby Star Wrap Along, hosted by the super awesome Sukie! I’m still in awe as to how I came to be involved with this crafty collab (let’s just say that one of my heros, who happens to be a fabric designer and an author, actually knows I exist AHHHHHH!!…) and let me tell ya, I feel like the luckiest duck alive!


I love the idea behind Ruby Star Wrapping. I love the idea of upcycling items to make gift wrap for a special someone. When I was younger I always felt so guilty as I ripped the wrapping paper off my presents and threw it to the side, knowing it would just get thrown away (or the less environmentally damaging option: used to start fires in the fireplace). Without getting all “bah-humbug Christmas hippie” on you, I’ll just say that making your own gift wrap isn’t just a great way to save precious trees, it’s a great way to go the extra mile and show someone that they’re special enough to receive a gift where just as much thought went into the wrapping. Plus, let’s face it, we all have craft hoarder syndrome and could really use any excuse to whittle down our scrap stash!

Whittling down my scrap stash is exactly what I tried to do with this project. It cuts me deep to toss out Ruby Star Rising scraps, so I pretty much never do. That’s why I have a bunch of little bitty pieces that are much too small to for most projects, but worked perfectly for my first ever appliqué attempt! I also patched together some of the fat quarter samples from my own fabric collection to make the majority of the bag.

This bag calls for things like batting and a compass, but I didn’t have those things in my stash so I improvised a little. In order to trace the circle piece for the bottom, I just used a 10.5in lid to one of my kitchen pots as suggested in the book! It worked perfectly. I used some leftover interfacing in lieu of the batting, though the batting would have looked much better. I’ll probably use both interfacing and batting in my next attempt since I do like the sturdiness of the interfacing.


The bag is much bigger than what I expected from the photo! It would easily fit 4 bottles of wine, or a rolled up baby quilt, or something like that.

I definitely need to practice my applique technique, but I’m happy with how this project turned out. My bag top is shorter than the picture because I folded it down to the inside to make the drawstring channels. It’s looks more like a laundry bag because I did that haha! But whatever. Live and learn, right? Actually, now that I think of it, this would make a way cute laundry bag for a nursery! There’s a great double gift idea! A baby quilt inside a baby laundry bag. (I have a friend who just had a baby so I’ve been trying to come up with gift ideas. Eureka!)

Well there ya have it! Be sure to add your photos to the flickr pool if you’re participating so you can win some prizes! You have a whole week to link up a project from the book. This week’s prize is a $25 gift certificate to Pink Castle Fabrics and an awesome vintage fabric prize pack from Melody Miller!

Pink Castle Fabrics

Vintage fabric & notions with Arrows

Make sure you check out Sukie’s posts for the rest of the Wrap-Along schedule!