1940s Hair and Makeup

December 28, 2012

40s hair

Aside from sewing for the reenactment, I’ve also been practicing my 1940’s makeup and hair. For achieving this look, I used these two resources: Vintage Hairstyling by Lauren Rennells and the 1940’s Vintage Makeup Guide by Glamour Daze.

The Vintage Makeup Guide is hands down the best, most authentic beauty guide I’ve been able to find. That’s probably because it IS an actual 40s beauty guide that was restored and turned into a 100+ page PDF download. I reads more like a book since it includes more words and illustrations than photographs, but it’s definitely worth the money! (I wish I bought the whole 20s-50s series!) It includes tips and tricks for how to wear the correct hair and makeup for your face shape, how to use corrective makeup techniques, proper clothing standards, and even an exercise routine from the era! It’s seriously the most conclusive and period correct beauty guide I’ve found on the entire internet! I highly recommend it. After reading it, I found myself shaking my head at some of the “40s makeup tutorials” on YouTube. They were more 1940s inspired but not authentic. Granted, it’s not as easy for me to get a true authentic look either. My eyes are quite small so my makeup easily turns from simple to smokey with just one too many passes of eye shadow. My lipstick also looks quite shoddy in this photo since I forgot to buy lip liner or a lip brush. Oh well! As I said, this was a practice run 🙂

I took this photo quickly with my phone as  my mom was yelling at me in the background “Rochelle! Let me SEE!” haha! I wouldn’t let her see the finished look right away and it was driving her nuts since we went shopping for the hair and makeup products together. I bought an actual human hair wig so I could curl it, and I like it as far as hair quality and style-ability, but the cap is too big and not at all comfortable on my little head. I may have to splurge on a higher quality petite size.

Now all I need are my 1940’s style eyeglasses to get here and my face will be complete! I’ll definitely post more photos when I get them. They should be pretty nerdy awesome.


If anyone knows of other makeup or hair tutorials they like, please share!

Happy Friday!