1940s New England Day Dress

December 30, 2012

1940s New England Day Dress

And now for my latest sewing project, I present you with the 1940’s New England Day Dress by Decades of Style patterns. I LOVE this dress! So much in fact that I have plans to make it again (and possibly again!). It fits like a dream with absolutely zero alterations made, and it’s ridiculously flattering if I do say so myself.




I meant to make the long sleeve version of this dress but I ran out of fabric and couldn’t find any more yardage of it anywhere. It’s a cotton print that I bought at Joann Fabrics and I just can’t get enough of it! (both literally and figuratively). There’s not a single thing about this dress that I don’t like. The mock bib and pockets are absolutely darling and THE SLEEVESS!!!! Oh my goodness the sleeves. They’re actually darted in four places at the shoulder to give them that very structured poof. I want these sleeves on everything I sew from now on haha! I might have had enough fabric to make the long sleeves except this pattern has some seriously wonky facing pieces and nearly every single piece of this dress is cut on the fold, which I didn’t anticipate, so I thought I could cut corners with yardage. Not so much with this pattern! Oh well. Now I have an excuse to make the dress again with the long sleeves 😉 Yes, ample arm coverage would have been more appropriate since this is what it looks like in my neck of the woods right now…


Notice my first ever knit project is getting lots of wear? 😉 I may have to make a second one of those too!


SO MUCH SNOW! Hence the reason why I had to take most of these photos inside my house. It was near 10 degrees Fahrenheit out in that snowy New England woods! Not exactly ideal weather for my New England dress. Definitely not ideal for Miss Lucille either. Poor thing doesn’t tolerate the cold well.



You can find us snuggled up next to the heater most days of the week. That’s the life I tell ya!


I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend!