BREAKING NEWS: I’m actually knitting!!!!

December 24, 2012

Okay, so I guess that doesn’t exactly merit “breaking news” but I’m pretty excited about it. Also not meriting breaking news: I’M ON RAVELRY!!! Finally! I’ve been pining to join that site for years but never had a reason to make an account until now.

Wanna see my kitting progress? Don’t laugh!! …okay you can laugh. It’s pretty hilarious actually. (Please excuse the poor quality phone photos to follow…)


I’m working through the Knit Lab class on Craftsy, and it IS actually teaching me how to knit! It was pretty frustrating for me at first since I’ve never even held a pair of knitting needles in my life, so I had to pause and rewind the video a million times before I could actually link a second row after my cast on stitches… BUT I’m finally getting it! You can see my first little square attempt in the photo above. I started the class 2 nights ago and ended up knitting until 2am because I didn’t want to forget what I was learning!


This is my first ever bind off attempt. It took me a few stitches to get it right haha!


This is my second, much bigger square attempt. Ignore the accidental dropped stitches and terrible tension. I told you it’s hilarious!


Lucille MUCH prefers knitting to sewing! She can’t sit in my lap when I’m sewing 😉


So far I’m really loving the Knit Lab class, but I’m definitely not ready to work through that scarf project yet. It’s a really cute scarf though, so I’ll definitely get back to it when I get a little better with my tension and stitches. In the meantime, I’m attempting the It’s A Cinch Headband pattern by Elisa McLaughlin on Ravelry since it’s a free pattern and it only involves the skills I know. Hopefully it will be a success!

Fear not fellow sewists! I have not abandoned my favorite crafty trade! In fact, I recently finished the 1940’s New England Dress (all except the bottom hem) and plan to share photos after the holiday.


I hope everyone has a very merry holiday season and happy new year!