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Friday Miscellany

Happy Friday, All!

I’m so excited for the weekend! I have a lot of sewing/reenactment errands to run, and there’s a Joann’s that’s closing and moving to a new location so they’re having an awesome sale (you better believe I’ll be hittin’ that up)! I also need to scout some thrift stores for penny loafers, sweaters, and other items that could pass as 1940’s era appropriate. I forget if I’ve mention this officially, but I’m one of the newest members of The Paper Dolls! It’s been a dream of mine to get into real reenacting and I’m sooooo excited that I’m actually doing it!

In other news, I’m really missing my dark hair and I think it’s time for a change. I’ve been a redhead for well over a year and I’m really feeling the need to switch it up. Plus, it’s not like I’m making any “real” commitments here. I mean, this is the very reason why wearing wigs is awesome! New hair in 30 seconds!!


I am in fact a girl, so suffice it to say, I look at ladies like Dita Von Teese and other dark haired beautiesΒ and go “OMGZ I WANT HER HAIR!!”. lol Who could blame me? So I think dark hair it is for a while! My ginger eyebrow pencil is almost gone anyways so if that’s not a sign to switch hair colors, then I don’t know what is πŸ˜‰ I could pass as Erin’s sister now, don’t you think? lol I wish!

p.s. That’s one of my new hair scarf designs that I’m working on currently. I’m making a bunch for the reenactment and will add them online in the near future.

And now for more unorganized miscellany:Β 

I’m guest posting some last minute handmade holiday gift ideas on Sarah’s blog today! Check it out if you want to know how to make things like this fancy lookingΒ bleach dot clutch

Have you seen Gillian’sΒ new blog series for your Top Five of 2012? It’s a fantastic idea!! I think I’ll have to join in!

What I’m reading:
Well I read “In My Hands” and “The Solider’s Wife” in record time (like in a day), and have since moved on to “The Bronze Horsemen“. (All WWII stories. No surprise there.) Which reminds me, I’m on Good Reads now! TELL ME WHAT BOOKS TO READ! …please πŸ™‚

On YouTube:
William just shared this hilarious video with me earlier of the ultimate dog shaming. This little guy is HILARIOUS!! Seriously? Who rolls on a whole deli pickle? …actually I really love pickles, so if I was a dog I’d totally do that.

Also watching and dying to try Fleur’s easy 1940’s hair tutorialΒ with hot hair sticks. So pretty!

What I’m sewing:
So many things! Mostly stuff for, you guessed it, my reenactment. So that means pretty much every Simplicity 1940’s repro pattern, and this awesome New England Dress by Decades of Style! Lucille approves πŸ˜‰


Well that’s probably enoughΒ miscellanyΒ for now. I’ll be back soon with some actual finished garments to share!

What are your plans for the weekend?


  • April

    Headscarf is just adorable! And can I ask where you got those cute glasses? Thanks!

    • They’re Ray Bans from Lens Crafters. I’ve had them almost 3 years now so I’m not sure if they still have them, but the Zenni optical website has a similar pair of frames that are very inexpensive πŸ™‚

  • I’m sad to see that you left the redhead club but it’s a welcome change. You look great! Good luck with all your reenactment sewing!

  • Amber from Berlinswhimsy

    I’m looking forward to your new scarves! I have two of your current design & love them.:-)

    Have you read ‘Code Name Verity’ by Elizabeth Wein?

  • You (and Lucille) are so adorable. I love the idea of the Paper Dolls, so awesome that that exists!

  • You look so cute! πŸ™‚

  • sallieforrer

    You look so gorgeous as a brunette! I love it!! Seriously, one of the best things about being a girl are all the fun little things we can play with, should we choose. I’m always in full support of a switch up – especially such a low commitment switch up!!

    I am seriously chomping at the bit to see the photos of your reenactment. I can’t wait!

  • Yes for the dark hair!!! πŸ˜€ My sister is thinking of dying her’s a rich dark brown at the moment, and I think it’s always so striking! I’ve actually been contemplating going the opposite (once I can dye my hair again…) and going more blond. hehe! I’ve always had a fair amount of blond in my hair, especially if I would spend more time outside (somehow, sewing keeps me indoors too much… haha!), but lately I’ve been curious about how I’d look lighter all over. I’m just such a chicken about big changes like that. haha!

    So fun about the reenacting! πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to see how that dress turns out–it’s going to be so pretty! I was going through all my 40s patterns the other day, and getting tempted by all the simple, but glamorous silhouettes I love. (Which, if you’d like to borrow any of my original patterns, just let me know! πŸ™‚ )

  • ddixieb

    Reading suggestion — Mr. Churchill’s Secretary by Susan Elia MacNeal & Enigma by Robert Harris. The movie, Enigma, with Kate Winslet and Dougray Scott is one of my favorites. They did a wonderful job portraying WWII England.

  • Carlee

    1. That picture of Lucille is adorable!

    2. That dog shaming made my day. The panda face especially!

    3. Can’t wait to see your new hair scarf in the shop!

  • OK, so you are going to quickly figure out that YouTube docs are my go-to viewing… but did I send you a link to this amazing Australian moive called Sisters of War?
    It’s a true story of nuns and nurses left in WW2. Really well done!

    On the lighter side, there’s also an episode of the Supersizers about living on WW2 British ration diet for a week… It’s fluffier but fun! Just ignore when they make a joke about the women’s house clothes being frumpy, because let’s be honest, 40’s fashions are fabulous!

  • I’m glad you’ll be joining in the Top 5 lists! πŸ™‚ I dare you to have at least one list where every single picture includes Lucille!

  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    Sis, I can’t wait to buy your new head scarves!! And thanks for posting all these cool links! I have some lurking to do…

  • Dark hair is darling on you..