Fabric Wins and Bra Woes

January 10, 2013


There is a Joann Fabrics near me that is in the process of relocating to a bigger space and they’re having a CRAZY sale in order to downsize all their stock before moving. They’re selling left over fabrics by the bolt at discounted prices with an extra 50-75% off of that! AHH!


I walked out of there with nearly 16 yards of fabric and pretty much saved a million dollars in the process. I picked these prints since they’re very WWII appropriate (though they’d be more appropriate in rayon, not cotton) and I’m still on a 40’s sewing spree for my reenactment that is quickly approaching.


I made this little inspiration board to show fabrics and dress styles. The rose polka dots and brown gingham are pretty much spot on with what I bought! I’m attempting to make a long sleeve shirtwaist by mixing three patterns that I own already. I’d love to buy an actual vintage pattern but I’m running out of time so I’m making do with what I have. Photo A. and C. were taken from an actual 1943 mail order catalog that’s available as a PDF download here (best $4 I ever spent!!) and photo B. is a beautiful shirtwaist pattern found on Etsy. We’ll see if my Frankenstein pattern yields similar results.

In other news: THIS HOT MESS

No, I did not sew this. I bought it in attempt to recreate more of a 1940’s silhouette for myself and, eh-hem, I am SO NOT SHAPED LIKE THAT. It looks horrible enough on my dress form, and it looks twice as bad on me!!  I even tried a smaller size and everything and I just can’t fill out that shape to save my life. Under any other circumstances I wouldn’t be complaining, but what’s a girl gotta do to have a 1940’s bosom?!? This bra is a bust!! (Har har)


I get it Lucille, the bra is horrid. You don’t have to wince at me and rub it in. Sheesh.

Luckily for Lucille, and the rest of humanity, I have a Plan B! It’s called operation ‘Mrs. Depew’s 1940’s French Bra Pattern’.


The pattern (found here) seems pretty straight forward and easy to follow so hopefully I can make it work! I’ll definitely keep everyone posted on the process. Since, as I found out from Instagram, I’m not the only girl interested in vintage unmentionables who’s having this problem.


Also, I’m really blown away by everyone’s comments on my 1940’s New England Day Dress! I’m so thrilled that other people are interested in 1940’s sewing. Which got me to thinking… would anyone be interested in a 40’s themed sew-along/sewing challenge?? I’m thinking of putting one together for early spring and I’m just curious how many people would be into it. Even if no-one’s interested, I’ll still set up a little challenge for myself and document the process, but everyone knows it’s more fun to sew with friends 🙂

Let me know!