My first WWII reenactment

January 29, 2013


I just got back from my very first WWII reenactment at Fort Indiantown Gap in Pennsylvania. It was awesome!! I didn’t get many photos of my outfit (which I’m going to remedy soon!), but I did get a few shots that I think you’d enjoy seeing anyways 🙂

I chose a civilian farm girl impression since I didn’t want to risk getting a military impression incorrect and offending someone, though someday I’d love to impersonate a WASP! While I was there I was doing some research on the WLA of America and they did actually have an official uniform, so I’m working on getting one together for the next event. I really like the British WLA too though! So many choices!


The reenactment troop I registered with is called The Paper Dolls so I couldn’t help but take this one 😉


This particular reenactment is nearly a week long but only open to the public on Saturday. So for the rest of the time on base, we ladies got to take all sorts of cool classes on WWII knitting, hairstyles, fashion, women’s rolls during the war, and more! I learned so much!




Red lipstick was a must! The cosmetics industry really took off during WWII because women were encouraged to enhance their beauty as a morale booster for the soldiers. Personally I love an excuse to wear red lipstick so I definitely did my bit to boost morale 🙂 There was a good handful of older gentlemen at the event who stopped me to tell me I looked just like one of their female relatives from decades ago. I must have been doing something right!


I really liked this little dude hanging out at the NAAFI cafe! So cute.


It was definitely neat to walk around and see all the WWII era vehicles and uniforms!








I really didn’t take as many photos as I should have (it was freezing! I’m sorry!), so if you’d like to see more there are some awesome ones on facebook: here, and a great little video: here.

I promise I’ll be back with more photos of my outfit! I drafted the overalls myself (well, half of them) and I’m pretty darn proud of the results so I’d like to share. Plus I want another excuse to get all dressed up 😉